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Just like Group A or League A, Group B of the 2022 Nations League originally had a 16-team layout. In comparison, this set of teams isn’t nearly high-ranked as the ones in Group A, but they still feature some world-class players. In this article, we’ll be focusing on these teams and their odds of winning their respective groups. We’ll mention recent performances, FIFA rankings, and more. Stick around to see our 2022 Nations League Group B predictions.

The 2022 Italian X Factor betting is all about the judges. Because the show hasn't started yet, we already know who will be their mentors. You have the LGBTQ supporter, 50 platinum release rappers, and performer Fedez. The most experienced and viral Dargen D’Amico. The most popular and listened-to Italian star is Rkomi. And finally, Ambra Angiolini, a famous actress, and musician. Which one will mentor the winner?

The Miles Franklin Literary Award shortlist has been announced. This year, five titles from Australian authors will compete for the country’s most prestigious award. Learn where to bet on Miles Franklin Award 2022 and when is the deadline for betting on favorites.

We’re far from the Nations League finals but more than a hundred matches were played in June alone. In four matchdays alone we witnessed plenty of goalscoring as well. As you might know already, the 2022/2023 Nations League has four leagues or bigger “groups”. First and foremost we will be focusing on League A and the 16 teams in it. Additionally, we’ll also talk about the four sets of teams or four groups within League A and look at each team’s chances of advancing to the next round.

We have collected the best LOL players to bet on during the 2022 international championships. Furthermore, these are the top picks for the running LCS, LPL, LCK, and other regional championships. You will not be surprised to find out that Faker is still one of the names you will run into in topics such as this. However, the former members of TSM have created the best roster in North American history under the banner of TL.

The 2022 Wimbledon is nearly here but it's not too late to put your bets. Do you have any favorites? If not we are here to tell you all about this year's odds. Keep tuned for the 2022 Men's Wimbledon betting odds!

In this article, we will be focusing on Group E at the 2022 World Cup and the betting predictions regarding this set of teams. See how Germany, Spain, Japan, and Costa Rica fair against each other in what might be the most promising group in Qatar later this year.

This article talks about the odds and chances of France, Australia, Denmark, and Tunisia at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. There are some obvious picks and predictions but we could also be in for a couple of surprises. These are our World Cup Group D betting predictions.

You can already bet on the 2022 LCS Summer Split at every available sportsbook. Therefore, you should take advantage of the early odds, because they are extremely good. If you think that a team is going to perform better than they did during the Spring Split, then these odds are going to give you a huge profit. Furthermore, you shouldn’t miss out on the most important American eSports event.

The 2022 Hong Kong Film Awards winner odds have been finalized. Take a look at the five nominees in the Best Picture category as well as their chances of winning. This year, Limbo, Zero to Hero, Drifting, Anita, and Raging Fire are present in one of the most prestigious nominations of the HFKA that is scheduled for July.