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Gambling in Burundi

The legality of gambling in Burundi is slightly questionable. According to the country’s 2008 penal code, all forms of gambling are illegal. This law is apparently not enforced, as Burundi currently runs a national lottery, and a casino called the Lydia Ludic Burundi is operating in the nation’s capital.

The one casino located in Burundi caters mostly to locals, as tourism here is virtually nonexistent. It is very small by western standards, offering only a few table games and a small number of highly outdated slot machines.

The legality of sports betting in Burundi is unclear. It is technically illegal according to the penal code, but plans are being discussed to introduce a sportsbook into the national lottery.

Online Gambling in Burundi

There are no laws in Burundi’s penal code that mention online gambling. Internet use in this country is extremely low (1.3%) and it is unclear whether a market for internet gambling exists here at all.

There are currently no online gambling sites in Burundi. The best option to gamble online here is through a foreign international website.