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Gambling in Eritrea

Eritrea, situated on the Eastern Coast of Africa, is one of the poorest countries in the world. There is very little information available on the country’s gambling laws. Eritrea’s Penal Code does not mention gambling, however multiple reports state that most forms of gambling are illegal here under Sharia law.

Casino gambling does not appear to be regulated inside the country, and most casino games seem to be illegal here. As of September 2016, there are no casinos operating inside the country, and that seems unlikely to change anytime soon.

Sports betting is also unregulated and most likely illegal inside Eritrea, although the exact laws are not entirely clear. There are no reports of any licensed sportsbooks inside Eritrea.

The legality of lottery gambling in Eritrea is also not entirely clear. None of the country’s laws mention lottery gambling, although it’s safe to assume it is unregulated and illegal. There are some reports that the country operates a scratch card lottery, although this cannot be confirmed.

Online Gambling in Eritrea

As of September 2016, there does not seem to be any laws regarding online gambling inside of Eritrea. The country has one of the lowest internet penetration rates in the world at just over 1%, and most of the population makes very little money.

It is likely that all forms of internet gambling in Eritrea are illegal. There are no online gambling sites inside the country, however it is still possible for locals to gamble through a foreign internet site.

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