2018 National Rugby League Betting Odds for the Early Birds

2018 National Rugby League Betting Odds for the Early Birds!

With a new year comes a new National Rugby League season. By now, the Australian Rugby League Commission has already set dates and schedules for the 2018 season starting from March 8 to September 2. Out of all the 16 teams competing, we are here to highlight three of the 2018 National Rugby League betting odds.

1. New Zealand Warriors (49/100)

Before we tell you the best odds, we must mention the New Zealand Warriors. They are the only team outside of Australia in the NRL. The New Zealand Warriors are the odds one out indeed. Online gambling sites in Australia estimate the odds for New Zealand Warriors to be winner of 2018 National Rugby League at a mere 49/100. Being the only team from New Zealand must have made them feel like a black sheep in the herd. If you want to give them moral support, bet on the New Zealand Warriors to win 2018 National Rugby League!

2018 National Rugby League

Let’s Cheer Up the New Zealand Warriors! (source:

2. Melbourne Storm (3/50)

A strong contender to win 2018 National Rugby League is no other team than the Melbourne Storm. They are wildly successful. Not only did the Melbourne Storm win the National Rugby League in 2017, they also won three premierships in total! The 2018 National Rugby League betting odds reveal that the Melbourne Storm’s winning odds are at 3/50. Before you place your bet on them, check out the online gambling promotions in Australia first!

3. North Queensland Cowboys (1/20)

North Queensland Cowboys are the bookie’s favourite win 2018 National Rugby League. But this is not very logical you may say. They lost to Melbourne Storm in the grand final last year but their winning odds are higher at 1/20, according to online sportsbook sites in Australia.

In reality, the North Queensland Cowboys advancing to the 2017 grand final without their co-captains was already a feat in itself. Co-captains Matt Scott and Johnathan Thurston suffered from knee and shoulder injury respectively. The two leaders had to end their 2017 season early. Good news is they are back! This means the North Queensland Cowboys are complete and ready to take on those other teams at their full strengths.

Bet on the Winner of 2018 National Rugby League!

So let’s do a quick summary of 2018 National Rugby League betting odds. The North Queensland Cowboys (1/20) have a higher chance of winning than the Melbourne Storm (3/50). The New Zealand Warriors (49/100) could also win but it’s a long shot. If you have a favourite team in mind, the best place to bet on the National Rugby League Winner is at Pinnacle Sportsbook!

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