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The Man Booker International Prize winner will be unveiled on May 21st. 13 novels are in competition. Thus, we are presenting reviews of four novels, considered the most competitive 2019 International Booker Prize underdogs. On top of them is a brilliant collection of short stories, “Jokes for the Gunmen” by Mazen Maarouf.

When planning to bet on 2019 Norway Chess, most likely the first name which pops up in the heads is of Magnus Carlsen. In this case, it is better to search for another option. The reason is simple: Magnus is not invincible, and he has his weak points as well. Better to go with someone like Fabiano Caruana this time. Depending on his match strategy, Caruana is able to win the Norway chess tournament.

The “expected goals” phrase has gained a great popularity in the world of football statistics. Instead of looking at the “shots on target”, football fans around the world are now interested in the xG values. In this article, we’re going to explain what xG means and how you can use xG stats for football betting.

The 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix will soon be back on the Formula 1 championship and you can try out your luck on various betting categories. These include the grid position of winner, first driver to retire, safety car period during race and more. Visit bet365 Sportsbook now and try your luck on the weird 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix bets.

Who is going to be on the cover of WWE’s 2K20 video game is a hot topic among fans. For the superstars, it is a big deal, and it means that the company is standing behind them. Ronda Rousey seemed to be the one to appear on the cover, however, it looks like the tide is turning. On 22BET Sportsbook you can bet on the WWE 2K20 Cover Star already.