How To Spot A Poker Pro? – The Traits Of A True Gambler


Posted: April 26, 2024

Updated: April 26, 2024

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  • How to spot a poker pro?

Whenever we are in a casino, the danger of running into an incognito poker player is high. These players are going to act like they are beginners, who have the luck to win the table. However, most of the time they are repeating the same route over and over as a full-time job. Join us, and learn how to spot a poker pro, and to potentially avoid them.

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Today we are going to give you some tips on playing at land-based casinos. Whenever you step into a casino, you are essentially a little clownfish in the sea of sharks. You might not recognize them, they are wearing wigs, dresses, sunglasses, and fake bread. Often, they will ignore you but if you have an opening at your poker table, the shark is going to strike down by joining. Whenever someone is too friendly, most of the time they are hoping that they have a better experience than you.

If you are interested in playing poker without all of the social manipulation and incognito-banned poker pros, then all you have to do is browse our selection of online poker sites in the US. Join us if you wish to learn more about the world of professional poker, among players such as you.

Acting Too Friendly – How To Spot A Poker Pro?

The first tell of something happening is being way too friendly. See, a casino is the perfect place for professional poker pros to blend in. Because in a casino, people want to be friendlyIt is a perfect mix of being serious like a mind, but also having fun like a club. This is why it is so good for the incognito poker pros. Whatever they do, can be justified by their opinion on how people should act in a casino.

Among the pro poker cheating scandals, one of the most common practices is incognito play. Essentially, casinos ban professional poker pros, because they are praying for beginners. Thus, they assume a fake identity, changing their appearance, and walking from casino to casino to make a profit. To avoid all of this mess, all you have to do is to register at Juicy Stakes.

acting friendly during poker

Doesn’t Look At The Hands Long

These players have been in some of the largest poker tournaments. So, how to spot a poker pro? Well, they just have to look at the cards, and they know the value of their hand. They do not seem like someone who is struggling with the math in their head, nor are they confused about what the worth of a card is. Of course, this is not even a beginner’s mistake when it comes to poker. But at the same time?

It just seems that these players have too much time and mental energy to afford to put to the side. On the other hand, they sometimes tend to be extremely focused, as they might be a little burned out from doing the same game over and over again the whole day. Just watch the way they communicate confusion, if at all.

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Districts And Pressures – How To Spot A Poker Pro?

Two things a professional poker player does are to distract and to pressure. One of their greatest strategies is to push side-bets on people, so they do not think about their hand. Of course, sometimes they like to challenge each other in a fit of ethical battle, just for the sake of it.

However, most of the time if professional poker pros are social, then they tend to talk at a very specific time in the game, and they often target certain players at the table to confuse them. To understand what is the secret of winning pokerthen your answer is essentially bluffing. Even if a poker pro plays against fellow poker pros, those who manage to get each other frustrated, tilt, annoyed, angry, or even happy, can essentially control the table.

the watch of a poker player


Expensive Watch On Hand

How to spot a poker pro? Poker players just love their watches. According to the Poker Listings, some professional poker players wear expensive watches, to the point where we can recognize them for it. Therefore, always try to look at the hand of the person you are playing with. If they have an expensive watch, that often indicates that they have the money to spend. And if they have the money to spend, most of the time they do have the mind to use this money.

And of course, most poker pros will remove their watch during the job. But at the same time? We can see how they remove everything but the watch and the glasses. It is pretty much the only reason they bought it, so they can show it off while moving their cards around.

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Not Bragging Ever – How To Spot A Poker Pro?

One thing professional poker players would do is to avoid bragging. Sure, someone can be extremely intelligent and act like a fool. But that is just as obvious as the sky. They prefer to look like lucky beginners, instead of professionals who are loud and obnoxious. However, real amateurs are often playing like they are bragging, as a social joke.

This is something a professional poker player wouldn’t try to risk. According to the Card Player, poker players are trying to keep their identities hidden throughout the game. Therefore, the best strategy to remain hidden is to not show yourself too much. 

poker players are silent


Non-Reflective Shades

Finally, there is one more thing poker players tend to use to fully bust themselvesAccording to the Poker Strategy, the community has been debating the ban on non-reflective glasses. These are essentially glasses that do not let the opponents see your eyes, but they do not reflect the cards in your hand (like Kim Kardashian’s glasses did).

While not all poker players use these, if someone’s glasses do not reflect, chances are that they are there to get paid, and to try to bluff their way into the pot. In conclusion, there are several things about the person’s behavior and dress that can tell much more than what meets the eye at first glance. If this all is a big headache for you, then just play online instead! We recommend you register at the Juicy Stakes!

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