Largest Poker Tournaments – Where To Start Professional Poker?


Posted: November 8, 2023

Updated: November 8, 2023

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We have brought you a list of the largest poker tournaments. If you feel like this is your time to master the arts of poker. Then you should start to participate in one of these events. Because they are not only going to come with a chance of winning a prestigious event. They also provide a great way of travel, and of course fame from the broadcasted events. Start online, and master your way into the live finals!

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Today we are going to give you our full list of the largest poker tournaments. The world of poker and high-stakes became popular due to these televised high-stakes tournaments. Nowadays you do not have to participate in real-life events. In fact! Most of the qualifications for these prestigious real-life events happen online.

This is why we highly recommend you to get into online poker play. Because nowadays, if you do not know how to play online, you are not going to make it into the same league as the Negreanu and the Hellmuths. You can register at any of the online poker sites in the US to start your adventure! And now that you know where to find these sites, let’s get into some of the most prestigious poker events today!

World Series Of Poker (WSOP) – Largest Poker Tournaments

Out of the top 30 list, the World Series of Poker has been the highest-paying event 23 times. This is an outstanding achievement from the hosts. The WSOP is pretty much the Super Bowl of poker players. This is the event everyone is preparing for. The champion of the year is the final winner, who takes the highest cash at the table. We have a full WSOP player guide just in case we already convinced you to get into the WSOP.

The online qualifiers are giving you invitations for the offline events. Once you reach the offline events, you can earn golden WSOP bracelets which will invite you to the bracelet owner’s high-stake table. The final table will be among the most clever poker players. – Play poker online by registering at Juicy Stakes!

The king of poker tournaments

World Poker Tour (WPT)

The second most prestigious event is the WPT, or in other name, World Poker Tour. This is a tour that comes second right after the WSOP in popularity. If the WSOP events are the EU/US Super Bowl, then this is the Football Association Championship. This is among some of the best poker shows on television. This also indicates that this event line is among the largest poker tournaments in the world.

What makes this event unique is that it is fully televised. Therefore, attendants automatically earn a chance to become recognized among the stars of high-stakes poker. The current buy-in starts at $10,400. Which indicates that there is a $40,000,000 guaranteed prize pool. Which will only grow with the amount of cash placed in.

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European Poker Tour (EPT) – Largest Poker Tournaments

Remember some of the old rap clips where sponsorship for events has begun? One of them features Pokerstars Stars, the company that hosts the EPT. The EPT is the largest event in Europe, where some of the people who do not intend to travel around the world can participate. You still have to travel around Europe, but this is much more regional.

Thus, those who can not afford, or do not want to visit places such as Las Vegas, Macau or any general places outside of the EU can still achieve greatness here. Many of the iconic high rollers have started their career in the EPT. Some European poker pros still visit the EPT, despite being the winners of several WSOP events.

Luxorious poker tournaments

Super High Roller Bowl

Ever dreamed about sitting at the same table as Daniel Negreanu or Seth Davies? According to PokerGo, the fame that comes with this event is outstanding. No wonder why the SHRB stands among the most interesting shows available on the internet. They are experimenting with the modern episodic broadcast, which turns poker into an intense competition for the viewers. Of course, this can greatly contribute to the funding of the event as well.

I believe that everyone who loves the loud, manipulative aspect of poker should shoot their shot at this show. Who knows? You might just become the next shooting star in the poker community. After that, comes the selling of courses, writing of books, and course attending various events. If you get a sense of content, this is the boost you need!

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Triton Series – Largest Poker Tournaments

For me, this is a personal favorite. For one, I love the word ‘Triton’. For two, I believe that any company that understands the modern ways of streaming deserves exposure. Therefore, the Triton Series is going to be one of the only poker shows that is going to be available on Twitch! According to the Triton Series, the next event will play on the prestigious lands of Monte Carlo! You can meet legends such as Phil Ivey, who is a part of their Player of the Year list.

On the top of the list, stands Danny Tang with 2383 points! The Triton Series plays in places such as Monte Carlo, London, Cyprus, Vietnam, Madrid, Montenegro, Jeju, and Russia! Therefore, they have some of the most unique routes with places indicating a watery atmosphere!

Poker in the Carribeans

Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure

There is yet another event on the list. This is the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure. Whenever you read about the biggest stars of the WSOP, you are likely going to see the mention of Caribbean adventure too. Furthermore, this event is known for celebrities of other sports and categories to visit this event. Therefore, anyone who has a sense of poker could be lucky enough to get into the Caribbean adventure.

According to the PCA, you will receive your own PCA wallet where you can store your credits. You can use these to buy into the tournaments on the Caribbean adventure. However, there are different methods of buying in. And if you can’t afford to just travel around? Then register at Juicy Stakes and play poker from home!

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