The Double Street Quad Roulette System – Does It Work?


Posted: February 27, 2024

Updated: February 27, 2024

The Double Street Quad roulette system is a betting strategy where you place bets on two adjacent rows, or "double streets," while also covering the corner bet of the intersection of those streets, forming a quad. This system aims to increase the chances of winning by covering more numbers on the roulette table.

In contrast to many roulette betting systems centered on mathematical progressions and bankroll management, these strategies represent just a fraction of the wide approaches used to cover the roulette table today. Whether playing in a traditional casino setting or at an online casino like 22Bet Casino, roulette players have perennially sought ways to gain an edge. Despite the huge range of strategies devised over roulette's extensive history, none have conclusively ensured consistent winnings over the long term. While proponents of classic systems like the Martingale, Fibonacci, or Labouchere swear off their efficacy, an increasingly vocal group of players are turning to more contemporary methods. Among these, the Double Street Quad roulette systems stand out as particularly popular. Today at, let's see how this roulette system works and if it can bring you any closer to scoring some wins at the roulette wheel.

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Can A Roulette System Really Work?

We should start by saying that this relatively modern concept emphasizes extensive coverage of the roulette table to bolster winning probabilities. While similar ideas have previously surfaced, they often lacked traction among gamblers due to ideas of unreliability. But let's be frank here, in truth, no roulette system can guarantee foolproof and consistent profits. Certain tactics pushing the idea of extensive table coverage may indeed result in "wins" on each spin. But such victories don't necessarily translate to profits. Betting across larger swathes of the table inherently needs higher wagers, risking potential losses despite individual spin successes. The effectiveness of the Double Street Quad roulette system lies in their ability to encompass significant portions of the table while at the same time lessening excessive risk.

Double Street Quad Roulette System Explained

The Double Street Quad system, for instance, covers a total of 17 numbers per spin. Yes, that's nearly half of the entire board. For those unfamiliar, street bets entail three consecutive numbers along the table layout (e.g., 1, 2, 3 constitute a street, as does 4, 5, 6, and so forth).
Double Street Quad roulette system
Picture Source: Flickr
A double street bet extends coverage to two streets simultaneously, as illustrated in the accompanying images – the chip placement rests on the boundary of the numbered grid, precisely between the two streets. Also recognized as a 6-line bet, the double street encompasses 6 numbers with a probability of 16.2%. Simultaneously, it yields a payout of 5 to 1.

Double Street Quad Roulette System Quad Bets

Often referred to as corner or square bets, quads entail bets on blocks of four numbers. In European roulette, the likelihood of this combination stands at 10.80%, with players receiving an 8 to 1 payout upon success. As the name suggests, this bet type covers four selected numbers, with the placement of the chip at the center of these designated numbers. Hopefully, clarification on a single-number bet isn't necessary.

So Which Numbers Do I Bet On?

As previously mentioned, various similar strategies to the Double Street Quad roulette system exist to encompass a substantial portion of the roulette table - encompassing 35 numbers, 17 splits, 11 streets, and 5 double streets, among others. However, the crux of identifying the best cover-the-table system lies in finding a balance between bet size and secured coverage. Without this balance, you may well secure wins across all bets yet still fail to generate profits, ultimately experiencing net losses. Hence, in recent years, many roulette enthusiasts playing at the top online casino sites in the US like 22Bet Casino have leaned towards the double street-quad strategy to enhance their winning prospects and depart the table with a positive balance.

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The Roulette Strategy

For each round of play, players require six bets of equal magnitude. These encompass six-line bets (covering six numbers), corner bets (encompassing four numbers), and straight-up bets (a single number bet). The arrangement of these bets on the layout is detailed below. Players can customize their bet sizes according to the size of their bankroll. Notably, this strategy does not necessitate any wild-aggressive betting escalations. Nonetheless, since it covers less than half of the numbers, consecutive spins may also yield unfavorable outcomes. Thus potentially resulting in unprofitable sessions. So it's prudent to bear this consideration in mind during play.

Double Street Quad Roulette System - Step-by-Step 

  • For each spin, you'll require six chips. You can play the game at any juncture.
  • Chips should be allocated according to the following manner:
  • Place 2 chips on the six-line encompassing numbers from 10 to 15.
  • Allocate 2 chips on the six-line encompassing numbers from 28 to 33.
  • Position 1 chip on the corner comprising numbers from 17 to 21.
  • Utilize 1 chip for a straight-up bet on any unoccupied number.
  • The single number bet can be adjusted from spin to spin or consistently maintained on the same field.
Upon a successful outcome:
Double Street Quad roulette system
Picture Source: Pexels
  • Winning on a six-line bet yields an additional six chips.
  • A victorious corner bet rewards three chips.
  • A successful straight-up bet grants thirty chips.

The Roulette System - Pros And Cons

Let's revisit a common drawback shared by all roulette betting systems. Namely, they do not lessen the house edge. As such, they ultimately fail to provide a practical advantage in winning. However, in direct consideration of the Double Street Quad roulette system itself, its appeal lies in its simplicity and minimal demands on your bankroll size. With no requirement for a substantial sum, you can indulge in gameplay for much longer sessions, even with a modest number of chips. Yet, for those hoping for substantial short-term gains, this strategy may not be in keeping with such aspirations. The likelihood of single-number bets securing multiple wins, substantially boosting chip count, is slim. Consequently, fluctuations in bankroll size are likely to be only marginal.

Summing Up - Double Street Quad Roulette Strategy

In conclusion, the Double Street Quad roulette system represents merely another configuration of chip placement on the roulette field. According to online gambling news in the US, it neither beats nor falls short of numerous other non-progressive methods. We strongly suggest you establish a realistic financial plan to govern the gaming process. Sticking to predetermined limits, once the session is over, then you should promptly stop playing to maintain responsible gambling practices.

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