Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that the Jenners and Kardashians have wormed their way into the public consciousness. Their TV show, Keeping up with the Kardashians is a masterpiece in content over substance. Every aspect of their lives is paraded in front of an insatiable public, who simply hunger for more. So it’s no surprise that now Kendall is single once again, you can make bets on who will be her next beau. ... read more

Like a scene in a teenage comedy movie, a girl believes she’s won the lottery, tells everyone, and then excitedly calls up the lottery company. Yes, they say you’re a winner. Celebrations all around! They even sent her a congratulatory email. But the world is a cruel and heartless place. In truth, her lottery winning numbers were correct. But when she bought it, she didn’t have enough funds in her bank account for the ticket sale to go through. So, after all those high hopes, everything came down to earth with a crash. ... read more

The whole point of counting cards is to make use of the mathematical advantage that comes from knowing when to bet on high or low counts. And to pull it off, you need to be subtle. The casino knows that counting cards isn’t illegal, but it’s their casino, so they can ask you to leave at any time and for any reason. Unfortunately, the actor and movie director Ben Affleck literally shouts that he’s counting cards thanks to a terrible playing technique. ... read more

When you hear the term “Asian Handicap”, your mind starts spinning any number of oriental scenarios. But it’s not some new crippling weapon from the furious fists of Bruce Lee or even a poor Chinese boy begging with a rice bowl in a wheel chair. Nope, it’s actually a form of betting that originated from the Far East. ... read more

We all love a good yarn with a happy ending. A tale of a struggle against all the odds to find salvation in the end. What in cinema is called “the hero’s journey”. In “how blackjack saved FedEx”, we’ve found one that has the added appeal in that a large part of the story, or rather an essential part of the story takes place in a casino. ... read more

I guess that deep down we all like to think of ourselves as willing to take a bit of a risk once in a while. Yeah, we’re really daring in our sad and normy lives. Not! Any risks are really just fantastic extensions of our pathetic imaginations, and the only way we really live them is by going to the cinema and pretending we’re the hunky star, righting wrongs whilst hanging upside down from a soon to be crashing helicopter. how often have you really stepped out from your cocooned comfort zone and done something where the risk is real? Enter Ashley Revell stage right… ... read more

Calm Poker Player

If winning a game of poker is a toss-up between a calm poker player and an agitated one, then most people would bet on the calm one. Obviously, the ability to remain calm, especially under pressure, means you’re more likely to make the right choices and stay rational. ... read more

Dan Bilzerian is the ultimate man’s man. Surrounded by babes, living in a huge mansion, driving fast cars and appearing in Hollywood action movies, here’s a guy who is living the best life. But what many people don’t know is that Bilzerian is a phenomenal poker player, who has enjoyed success ion the world stage at the World Series of Poker Main Event. ... read more

Since the 12th century, people of al walks of life have been playing dominoes. The fact that it has survived virtually untouched all these years is a testament to what a really great game it is. Today the game is played in halls, parks and, of course at home. Now we live in an internet age, you can find the game online on any number of web sites.And it’s this relatively new online presence that has propelled online dominoes to become one of the most popular games in the world. ... read more

Since ancient man has been able to toss a few dinosaur knuckles on the ground, man has been gambling. Whether to please the Gods or correct the fates, man has always had a desire to both see into and stamp the mark of control onto the future. We can see his efforts in the illustrations and painting left from earlier times. In fact, there are a great number of art works that appertain to the Ancient Rome and Greece periods, where we can witness people playing gambling games. So just what games would they of played during this period? ... read more

Secretly many people look at professional cycling and see nothing more than drugged up athletes who are all happy to compromise honesty for the possibility of, say, a yellow jersey in the Tour de France.  Yes, we’re speaking of you, Lance Armstrong. Year after year doping allegations are proved true and riders are stripped of their medals and trophies. It always the same denials, followed by a media circus when they are finally outed. ... read more

Everyone knows about Giacomo Casanova and his exploits with the opposite sex. This is due to his own writings, “The Story of my Life”. The 3,500 pages are filled with his conquest, but also act as a social commentary on the customs and normative s of 18th century Europe. As well as being known as a womanizer, he spent a great deal of his like as a gambler. ... read more

There is any number of confidence tricked to be played during a game of cards. On the whole, if a gambler feels that they are faced with certainty, they will happily put their money on the table. The fact that they are often so focused on a positive outcome, means that they often miss all those important details that would let a wiser man know that they were in the process of being scammed. “The Tip” is one such confidence trick, played out over a game of poker. Let’shave a look at how it plays out. ... read more

Lucky Animals

We all tend to use the word “luck” a great deal during our normal lives. You might wish someone “good luck” before an important event, or even ask someone to “wish me luck”. Of course, those among us who are without belief in such matters, would simply say that there is no such thing as luck. Only chance. As well as wanting luck directly for ourselves, we also have a habit of imbibing objects and even animals with luck, or rather say that certain ones are lucky animals. Around the world, some believe that animals are carriers of good fortune. Let’s have a look…. ... read more

Gambling Mangas

For a change of pace, let’s take a trip to Japan. Home of Sushi, karate, sumo wrestling and samurai warriors. It’s also the place where grown up reads comics. Unlike in the west, where comic book art is mainly aimed at teens, in Japan, manga is regarded, quite rightly as it’s own art form. Its enjoyed by millions of adult Japanese people every day. ... read more

You’ll already be familiar with Loot Boxes if you’re a player of certain console games such as Call of Duty, Halo 5, League of Legends and FIFA video games series. Right now the world’s media is pretty much ablaze with negative stories concerning gambling and gambling addiction. A a result, the iGaming industry is having to pay even greater attention to their customers than before. Loot Boxes are the latest in a line of offers/promotions that appear to circumnavigate both regional and national regulations. ... read more

Do you believe in lucky flowers and lucky plants? When it comes to games of chance, then everyone is looking for that special something that’ll help them win. You might be surprised as to how many gamblers are superstitious. Many will carry a small token or item that they believe will turn luck in their favor. In the casino, you’ll notice all sorts of quiet and yet hopeful ritual being performed. These can include kissing a cross, walking a certain direction around the gaming floor and only choosing one color to play with. ... read more

As we all now, gambling as a pastime is as old as the hills themselves. So it’s of no surprise that many artists have used gambling as a motif for their work. For various reasons, some of these works of art have gone on to become collectible with the world of art dealing. So we decided to have a closer look at some of the most popular and well known paintings featuring gambling as their main focus. ... read more

In the world of casino gaming, a lot has happened over the last 10 years or so. Online casinos have sprung up all over the internet. And the means of funding these games has changed as well. For starters, we now have the virtual currency, bitcoin. Let’s take a look at this cryptocurrency’s rise from obscurity to mainstream use in a short history of bitcoin. ... read more

Native American casinos are very big business in the US. According to Wikipedia, at the last known census on native American gambling in 2011, there were over 460 gaming establishments run by over 240 separate tribes. And there were bringing in a total income of more than $27 billion. In fact, no matter where you are in the US, you’re probably no more than a three-hour drive to the nearest one of many Native American casinos. So what’s the story behind them? ... read more