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For a long time, traveling to the Moon was just a dream, even after Neil Armstrong. However, according to NASA’s plan, the Artemis program will take place in a few years, with a total budget of more than 28 billion dollars. The Orion Spacecraft’s landing unit, carried by the Space Launch System rocket, which was designed specifically for deep space travel, will touchdown on the Moon. A man and a woman will board the spaceship, and people are curious about the lucky astronaut lady! Let’s see the first female on the Moon odds!

This is a collection of the top celebrities to bet on. Therefore, we have collected the 8 most influential geniuses of all industries. However, our list has a system added to it. We will not only descend from the most regular to the least popular. But we will also consider the interest rate of the topic. Therefore, the first place is mostly involved with relationships. However, the bottom of the list involves all aspects of business and life in betting.

This is the list of the top 7 female darts players of all time. You can trust your bet on these names at any time. Furthermore, they are the most important people in the competitive darts scene. Some of them have played against every single person on the list. Some of them have participated in television shows to promote the game. And others have made the scene more colorful and created a professional competitive sports atmosphere.

Social media is popular among poker players as well who often use it to express their views about all kinds of matters. So fans can get to know them better and discover things they haven’t known about their favorites. Some of the best poker players of all time also have their own accounts with lots of useful tips and insides about the sport. Let’s read about the best poker players to follow on Twitter below. 

The last Grand Tour of the season, 2022 Vuelta a Espana starts this Friday, on the 19th of August, from the Dutch city of Utrecht. The three-week race will conclude in Madrid, on the 11th of September. Primoz Roglic is the three-time defending champion and is mentioned as the top favorite by the 2022 Vuelta winner odds again. But we can find other top cyclists like Remco Evenepoel, Richard Carapaz, and Jai Hindley in the field, who can all challenge the Slovenian for the overall title. 

This time, the focus is on the 2023 season of the National Basketball League. So far, the NBL winner predictions are pointing towards a win for both the Sydney Kings and Brisbane Bullets. So judging by the 2023 National Basketball League betting odds to win, it is safe to say that fans are in for a ride this season.

The 2023 Tour de France betting predictions all state that the previous winners are going to end up winning again. However, last year’s youth champion will proceed to become a real deal. However, women joined the race. Therefore, we might see a woman swiping all the men in the competition. That would turn the odds upside down. However, we shouldn’t underestimate the hard work and training of the current best cyclists.

There is no denying that the most popular Singaporean casinos are some of the best in the world. What's more, there is no better place than the casinos in Singapore to play baccarat. So, it is only right that we reveal the best Singapore casinos to play baccarat.

One of the most prestigious international film festivals in the world is getting ready to announce its winners. This September, the Venice Film Festival 2022 winner will be determined from the list of 23 movies from well-known directors and rising stars. Who has the best chance of winning the Golden Lion award this time?

We brought you the best DFS strategies for beginners. Therefore, before signing up for your first match, first, check out this valuable information about your lineup. Because even if you have created the strongest possible lineup, then you will face strategic problems. For example, you should never waste your wild card on opponents that don't call for it. Furthermore, always try to optimize your lineup without buying high-value defenses.