TikTok is a popular service for creating and watching short video clips. The Chinese company ByteDance own the international Tiktok application. According to the statistics, in August of this year, the number of monthly active TikTok users in the world exceeded 700 million. Among them, more than 100 million are from the United States. Besides, in total, the application has been downloaded more than 2 billion times worldwide. However, recently the US President Donald Trump has announced that soon Americans will not be able to use their favorite app. So why do bookmakers worldwide offer to bet on TikTok to be banned in the USA? Let’s figure it out.  ... read more

Actress, model, and a reality show participant Kim Kardashian is studying to be a lawyer. Moreover, after passing the exam she wants to engage in criminal practice. In an interview with the American edition of Vogue magazine, Kardashian said that she has been studying law at a law firm in San Francisco since last year. In 2022, she expects to pass the relevant exam. Not so long ago we started to expect her to become the First Lady after her husband Kanye West announced that he would become the US president. However, today online sportsbooks bet on Kim Kardashian Next Attorney-General.  ... read more

Efficiency, communication, marketing – is that what you are looking for? This year the organizers decided to hold the beloved MAC Affiliate Conference 2020 in the Autumn Edition format. Therefore, everyone who is interested in the world of gambling will get together on the 27th of October in Moscow.  ... read more

Many gambling enthusiasts would like to become professionals. Someone needs this to win all the time and get moral satisfaction from the gameplay. But how can one reach this level? In reality, you also have a chance to win. You just need to become a professional in your field, be able to make only winning bets, and take big profits. Of course, you can just enjoy the gameplay without thinking about winning. Each player chooses his format for leisure activities. However, what if you can earn money while having fun? In this article, we will answer the question: Can online gambling be a profession? ... read more

The news that Olga Buzova will represent Russian on Eurovision spread throughout the mass media in 2019. However, not everyone is happy about this fact. The fans of the singer are looking forward to seeing their idol on the main European Song Contest. But haters don’t expect this to happen. Therefore, online bookmakers have decided to offer bets on Olga Buzova to go to the next Eurovision contest. Let’s check what the odds are?  ... read more

Bookmakers, as a rule, are associated with bets on the results of various sports games. However, bets on currency exchange rates may also fall into this group. How is this different from playing on the stock exchange or the Forex market? Online sportsbooks offer their users financial bets. But instead of buying or selling various currencies, gamblers place bets on the rates of one currency against another. It is also possible to bet on fluctuations in stock exchange rates, such as Dow Jones or Nikkei, as well as on securities prices. In this article, we will tell you how to bet on financial market moves. ... read more

Nowadays, it has become a good tradition for large online gambling operators to hold free tournaments in casinos with real money prizes. Indeed, online casino tournaments combine the fun of the game with the excitement of competition. Among them, slots and blackjack tournaments are the most popular online competitions. Sometimes a small buy-in is required to participate in a tournament with a chance to hit a big jackpot. But along with this, there are so-called freerolls – tournaments without an entry fee. Here, the funds for the prize are allocated by the Internet casino itself. In this article, we will have online casino freerolls explained. ... read more

CasinoCoin is an open-source cryptocurrency created as the digital token of choice for the regulated online gambling industry. The coin comes with a digital wallet, transparent blockchain, and enhanced security associated with most cryptocurrencies. Let’s look at how CasinoCoin works! ... read more

In everyday life, you can find many opportunities to try your luck – lotteries, casinos, giveaways, etc. But in all these areas, you should first invest something, and only then get the chance to win money. Not everyone is happy with this, so people go online cause you can play here for free. Unfortunately, there are not as many opportunities as we would like them to be. However, you can still learn how to win money instantly with no huge investments.  ... read more

Nowadays, the family life of celebrities is of interest to their fans all over the world. Of course, love is inherent in everyone. When a person truly loves, one becomes gullible, romantic, and maybe a little crazy. In this case, marriage is the highest reward. However, not all couples live happily ever after. Indeed, it is especially true when we are talking about famous people. Therefore, bookmakers all over the world cannot stand from offering their bets on the separation of our idols. Let’s look at 2020 celebrity divorce odds! ... read more

Usually, a wedding is a happy event in our lives. In the life of popular, well-known personalities, this event often becomes significant also due to the attraction of great attention to it from the public. Around celebrity weddings, a whole mountain of rumors and gossip immediately grows. Thus, the bride and groom themselves are being followed by cameras. The paparazzi are trying to capture the brightest shot from the life of the future newlyweds. All tabloid publications trumpet this event. But the weddings itself may not take place, as in the lives of the heroes of the movie “Runaway Bride”. This is also why bookmakers accept bets on weddings of famous people. Let’s look at how to bet on celebrity weddings in 2020! ... read more

The gambling industry has always been quite attractive to certain segments of society especially criminal ones. Unfortunately, thanks to gambling establishments, they managed to launder large amounts of illegally acquired funds. Currently, the number of illegal transactions carried out using land-based and online casinos is increasing every year. At the same time, the methods of money laundering are improving, as are the methods of combating them. Let’s look at how money laundering works in online gambling. This information will help you choose reliable and trustworthy casinos. ... read more

Gambling has always attracted a lot of people worldwide. Indeed, almost any person at least once wanted to check how lucky one is and win a large sum. To do this, it is not necessary to sit at the table with card games or roulette because you can try your luck in lotteries. Besides, you don’t need a lot of money to participate in them. However, you can get big winnings if you choose the right lottery ticket in the right place. Let’s check the best place to buy a lottery ticket which will bring you a lot of money! ... read more

Nowadays, online betting has become extremely popular, because it has a lot of advantages. 24/7 access to your favorite platform and a huge variety of events to put your money on is appealing to many gamblers. Nevertheless, betting in the land-based casinos can also have its perks. So let’s try to understand this issue and determine what is better – online vs offline sports betting?  ... read more

In this article, we are talking about a group of bettors who use only fair methods of play. However, they still come under the scrutiny of the bookmaker’s security officers. All this can lead to a reasonable blocking of the account in the future. How can it be that the gambler does not seek to deceive the bookmaker, but his account can still be blocked? It is worth learning how to avoid being banned by bookmakers in advance. Thus, you will not to find yourself in this unpleasant situation. ... read more

One of the main reasons for the lack of success at a distance is the wrong choice of event for placing a bet in online sportsbooks. A lot of people choose the first match they like, analyze it and place a bet, not suspecting that it is initially extremely inconvenient for playing in a bookmaker’s office. Only over time, experienced bettors begin to understand that for a successful game, it is necessary to develop a special algorithm for searching for sports events. In this article, we will talk about how to pick football games for betting. Let’s consider the order of selection of events based on football as it is typical for any collective sport. ... read more

Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in building a successful career as an online bettor. It’s one thing to place bets for fun, and quite another to do it professionally. In this article, we decided to talk about main rules, observing which you can outgrow the amateur level and climb a step higher. Let’s figure out how to become a professional bettor! ... read more

Betting models always differ, as each player is an individual and chooses tactics for himself. Every strategy assumes a certain behavior of the gambler – a developed pattern, according to which the game runs daily. Sports betting strategies can be based on tournament or gaming trends as well as mathematical financial calculations. Indeed, most of these models came to betting from casinos and are based on the theory of probability. In this article, we will have the Next goal betting guide explained. This strategy is one of the easiest to understand. Therefore, even a beginner will master it in 5 minutes. It is based only on statistics, however, in practice, it has shown excellent results. ... read more

Nowadays, the most popular type of gambling is betting. In ancient Rome, gladiators were bet on the victory, and in the modern world, gamblers try to predict the outcome of matches and championships. However, more and more often it is not dollars or euros that are at stake, but digital money. Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, digital trading – these words are becoming popular in everyday life. In this article, we will tell you how to bet on crypto trading that is becoming an integral part of the betting community. ... read more

Online casinos and the gambling industry is gaining popularity every year. The number of fans of online games and sports betting is growing every day, thereby driving the demand for more and more online casinos. The demand gives rise to supply, and therefore many businessmen began to think about the possibilities of how to start your online casino site. However, this is not as easy to do as it might seem at first glance. There are many pitfalls and nuances in the opening of a new casino and in the gambling business that you need to know about in advance. In this article, we have collected all the steps to successfully open a casino on the Internet. ... read more