Online Poker News - Latest News, Top Stories & Analysis April 2021

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We are already counting down the days! The 93rd Oscar Gala is right around the corner. It keeps all Hollywood – and the entire world – thrilled! For the last couple of weeks, bookmakers are also all about this topic! They are giving away various odds on each category, even on the less popular ones, like the Best Makeup and Hairstyling winner.

Without a doubt, poker is among the most competitive casino games in the world. However, making it to the top of the world rankings is no easy feat. Nevertheless, these famous female poker players have managed to make a name for themselves in poker over the years. 

Women’s History Month is here! To celebrate it, Poker Powher and World College Poker are organizing a tournament exclusively for women. The participants can acquire experience in competition and there are amazing prizes as well. The women-only poker tournament with PokerStars is coming up soon!

What better way is there to learn about gambling stories than from the best gambling themed documentaries? We collected seven great productions from the past years that will give you a great understanding of gambling both offline and online. 

Do you want to practice playing poker? Try the three best poker apps for smartphones and they will help you to sharpen your skills before spending real money at online casinos.

The issue of luck vs skills in gambling has always grabbed a lot of interest. But it really matters a lot. Basically, people go for certain games considering if the role of luck in that game is big or not.

While traditional media is actively paying attention to cryptocurrency, various gambling portals have already learned about how to use its advantages. Many of those online casinos that once ventured to build a business around Bitcoin are still successfully operating. Of course, the Bitcoin exchange rate very much influenced the growth of interest in virtual currencies. However, even if we abstract from the charts with the BTC price, the willingness of representatives of the gambling industry to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is very easy to explain. In this article, we will talk about the bitcoin boom and online gambling.

Anyone who’s seen a poker game before probably witnessed some sort of bluffing. Whether it’s a professional game, online poker or some fun with friends, falling into traps is quite easy, even if you have been dealt a strong hand. In this guide, we encourage you to learn the art of bluffing if you want to play poker live or online. We take a look at strategies, basic and more advanced skills and their differences between real-life and online poker. To learn bluffing, you must learn about yourself first, understand reactions and body language, and of course, master a strong strategic game plan. Lets’ fold! 

What can we expect in the poker world in 2021? Naturally, regular live poker and online poker will remain hugely popular, and it's worth seeing what trends may remain relevant here. Meanwhile, the world of Twitch poker streams continues to expand. Likewise, the future of poker will also depend on innovation, and a lot of investment is now being made in virtual reality (VR), where the possibilities seem truly endless. Indeed, poker is a game of constant adaptation and adjustment to the opponent. No strategy can guarantee you superiority over all others forever. You need to be one step ahead of the rest of the players and adapt. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the most common online poker tendencies in 2021.