Best Netflix Shows In April 2024 – What To Watch This Month?


Posted: April 19, 2024

Updated: April 19, 2024

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We are here to give you our list of the best Netflix shows in April 2024! We made a diverse list that gives you a masterpiece in its category. These Netflix movies and series managed to surpass expectations by a mile and even put a cherry on top with different aspects. We will give you a brief introduction to the show, without giving you any major spoilers.

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Today we have brought you some of the best Netflix shows in April 2024. Keep in mind that our list is going to feature older shows that are still at the very top of the Netflix charts. If you haven’t seen them before, then this is the best time to watch them. We recommend every single title for everyone to see. We made sure to pick different categories too!

Some of them are brand new in the collection, while others will always feel new with their outstanding cinematic performance. If you are interested in something else, then we recommend you register at some of the online poker sites in the US. Because we have a selection of sites to show. If you use our country selector on the top right corner, you can filter out the legal sites in your location!

Parasyte: The Grey – Best Netflix Shows In April 2024

If you are looking for the best narrative design and storytelling for this year, you do not have to go too far. This series adapts and takes inspiration from the Parasyte anime. However, the studio decided to leave the anime aspects behind, using only the key concept. Unlike Death Note, this time they made something truly phenomenal. According to the IMDb, the score is 7.2/10. The brief story goes as follows:

Strange parasites start to invest in people, turning them into monsters who can shape their bodies into knife-like sharpness. The monsters try to find out who they are, while the police are trying to eliminate them. A hybrid is born, who will be hated by both sides. This is the perfect show to watch while playing Everygame Poker on your phone! – Spoiler: There is no romance to ruin the characters!

Parasyte: The Grey review


The next in the line for the best Netflix shows in April 2024. The Semmelweis movie is good if you are not a doctor. According to the IGN, a Hungarian doctor who wrote two theses and received his title at the Semmelweis University of Medicine. He pretty much dislikes the movie for its historical inaccuracy, and the missed chances of showcasing the true emotions, dilemmas, and situations taking place at the time.

However, he does highlight that the movie was amazing for those who love a cliché historical story with a political undertone. It was perfectly built up with the characters and the plot, while many aspects of the story were saturated, or shown in a different way than it was in reality. However, we did enjoy the movieand we recommend it for one-time watching.

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Reindeer Baby – Best Netflix Shows In April 2024

Oh. My. God. This series is amazing! According to Forbes, the whole story is based on things that happened in real life. What makes it special is that the actor of the main character is also the writer, who wrote the story based on his real life. Pretty intense to see a person acting out their past, isn’t it? The story is about a failing comedian who tries to find his sexual identity while dating a trans woman, while also being anxious about social judgment. 

However, one thing comes into the picture: The comedian’s only fan, who is an obsessed stalker. She stalks him, sending him thousands of messages, following him everywhere, getting into his friend groups, and attending his shows. The story shows the dark side of the industry which is ironically about humor and jokes. No need for IMDb, we call it 10/10.

Reindeer Baby stalker

The Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer

Another series based on a fully real-life story. However, this is something between a documentary and a real cinematic experience. We could say that it is neo-realistic. We already talked about the various Jeffrey Dahmer Emmy nominations before. While we gained a small distaste for the show, due to adding romantic elements between a victim and a killer, with no evidence of a relationship.

At the same time? It is still one of the most amazing pieces of cinematography you will get to experience. Masterful music selection, talking cuts, and acting which mimics real-life actions breath by breath. Simply, we say it is among the best Netflix shows in April 2024, and perhaps will remain one of Netflix’s most guarded treasures for over a century.

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The Dragon Prince – Best Netflix Shows In April 2024

Let’s take a step back from the rough themes, and consider an animated show! Dragon Prince stands at the number 1 spot on the Netflix shows. While the animation needs a few episodes to get used to, soon you will realize that this show is a whole new fantasy world with its system. No more copying from Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and other mediums.

A breath of fresh air, which managed to perfectly represent people with struggles of all types with the personal characters. The whole thing is not forced like we sometimes feel during Disney movies. Watching this show is going to give you an interest in the casino one-shot ideas for Dungeons & Dragons. There is already a Dragon Prince TTRPG released called ‘The Tales Of Xadia’. We highly recommend this for anyone in any age group.

dragon prince plot

Alice In Borderland

The final piece of pure art on this list is Alice in Borderland. Once more, an adaptation of an anime, which managed to turn the whole show into its own thing. We feature this at the top of our list for gambling in pop culture. Because truly, it is among the best Netflix shows in April 2024, with a possible continuation soon. In this show, something happens, which takes a group of friends into an alternate place called “The Borderland” where they have to complete games based on poker cards.

Each card type represents a different game category (Physical, Emotional, Teamwork, Mindgame.) – Of course, each number in the suit represents the difficulty. The game ends when they collect all the cards by completing games. However, there is a twist at the end which will leave you gasping for the rest of the month. It made us want to play a few rounds at Everygame Poker.

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