Super Mega Ultra Game Launch by bet365 and Playtech: New Live Experience


Posted: April 19, 2024

Updated: April 19, 2024

  • Get ready for an amazing collaboration!
  • New live game show is here
  • Super Mega Ultra Game Launch by bet365 and Playtech

In a monumental collaboration between industry giants, bet365 and Playtech proudly unveil the launch of Super Mega Ultra, a revolutionary custom live game show. Indeed, set to redefine the realm of live entertainment, this cutting-edge creation combines the expertise of both companies to offer players an immersive gaming experience like never before. Get ready to learn more about Super Mega Ultra Game Launch by bet365 and Playtech.

Amazing Collaboration for Live Game Show

On April 18th, 2024 Playtech and bet365 announced the debut of Super Mega Ultra, a new live game show. As of today, players can access the game in a number of countries, including Ontario, Mexico, and the UK. Indeed, the in-house created live game show takes its cues from a well-liked slot machine at bet365. Thus, it is evidence of the cooperative efforts between Playtech and bet365 to give gamers an engaging live entertainment experience.

As one of the online gambling sites in the UK, bet365 has established itself as a leader in wheel-based live game shows by providing players with a variety of engaging options. The launch of this cutting-edge, two-wheeled, three-tier base game enhances bet365’s standing as a top supplier of enjoyable, high-end gaming experiences and top-notch, in-house gaming content.

Super Mega Ultra Game Launch by bet365 and Playtech: Rules

In this game, there are three payout levels in the game: Super, Mega, and Ultra. What is more, each of them offer players the possibility to win substantial prizes. Also, maximum multipliers (×300 for Super, ×500 for Mega, and ×2500 for Ultra) are available for each round. First, players begin the game at the Super level and progress to the Mega or Ultra payout levels with each successful “Level Up” spin. Finally, two bonus rounds, 7s Heaven and Slot Spins, have been added to heighten the action and improve the player’s overall gaming experience. 

One of  the bet365 spokespeople, Kevin Kilminster, said,  “We’re thrilled to unveil this new game to our global community, marking a significant milestone for us”. Indeed, it is a great addition to the platform’s Live Casino collection and raises the bar for their internal game development. Today, both bet365 and Playtech are establishing a new benchmark for the industry with the launch of the three-tier base live game that spans two wheels. Meanwhile, Playtech’s knowledge and cooperation were crucial in creating this fascinating new game show. Therefore, both businesses’ involvement was the key to success as they strive to provide gamers all over the world with innovative gaming experiences. Hopefully, we will see more of this collaboration in the near future!

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