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Gambling Laws in the United Kingdom

Gambling in the United Kingdom is legal in all its variety according to the Gambling Act 2005 which is still in force. The fulfillment of the United Kingdom gambling regulations is supervised by the Gambling Commission, which is the body responsible for the regulation of terrestrial as well as online gambling in the United Kingdom. In this respect, all UK casinos, sportsbooks, or other types of gambling providers, brick and mortar as well as online, are licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission. The Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act of 2014 was introduced in November 2014. Since then, the best online gambling sites that intend to make an offer on the British market need to obtain a license from the UK Gambling Commission.

Is Online Gambling Legal in the United Kingdom?

Yes. All forms of online gambling are legal in the United Kingdom.

When was online gambling legalized in the United Kingdom?

Online gambling became a legal and regulated industry with the introduction of the Gambling Act 2005

Online Casinos in the United Kingdom

There are 148 licensed casinos in the United Kingdom, as of January 2017, most of which have launched internet casino sites. The majority of UK casinos are owned by two Malaysian-owned companies, Genting UK and Rank Group. Rank group’s owned Grosvenor Casinos are considered to be the most visited online casino in the United Kingdom offering within their website a live casino, slot games, varieties of table games as well as online poker games. 

Online Poker in the United Kingdom

Online poker in the United Kingdom is an extremely popular pastime. The country even runs an entire television channel dedicated to broadcasting live poker tournaments and other poker-related programming. There are varieties of specialized online poker sites in the United Kingdom. Sites such as PartyPoker which is owned by GVC Holdings are among the most popular online poker sites in the UK as well as internationally. PartyPoker has around 5 million users worldwide being one of the most prominent sites in the industry.  

Online Lottery in the United Kingdom

The National Lottery is the state-licensed provider for all sorts of lotto games in the country including the online lottery in the United Kingdom. The origin of the National Lottery date back to the government of John Major in 1994 when it was intended to secure money for public services. Since the 90s the lottery made an astonishing development in every respect, part of which is the launching of a wide variety of online lotto games on the market. Currently, some of the most popular online lotto games offered online by the National Lottery include Lotto, Euro Millions, Thunderball and Lotto Hotpicks.

Online Bingo in the United Kingdom

Bingo has a long tradition in the United Kingdom and consequently, there are various specialized online bingo sites in the United Kingdom. The National Lottery is also one of the main providers of online bingo in the United Kingdom. On their site, one can easily access several bingo rooms which are one of the most visited in the United Kingdom. Bingo rooms are also available on the sites of several major online casinos such as the Grosvenor Casinos.

Online Sports Betting in the United Kingdom

Online sportsbook sites in the United Kingdom are legal and highly popular. The regulation of the betting sector in the country is also supervised by the Gambling Commission. Any supplier of online betting opportunities on the British market must obtain a proper license. Bet365 and BetVictor sportsbooks, whose headquarters are in the UK, are considered to offer some of the most prestigious internet sportsbook sites in the United Kingdom and all over the world.  To find out why they are among the best ones, please check our review about bet365 Sportsbook as well as our review about BetVictor. These two are without a doubt among the best online sports gambling sites in the world.

Online DFS in the United Kingdom

Online daily fantasy sports played for lucrative purposes are also regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. In order for a fantasy sports operators to be legal, the operator must obtain an appropriate gambling license. The online DFS sites in the United Kingdom are already quite popular gaming place. Approximations claim that as of the beginning of 2017 there are around 8.5 million season-long fantasy football (soccer) players within the country.

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