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UEFA Champions League is one of the grandest football competitions in the history of football. The best teams from their respective leagues will face the world in the battle of achieving the utmost peak. The current champion of European Football is a great English Premier League's side, Chelsea. Chelsea defeated Manchester City at Estádio da Luz in the grand finale of UCL 2020 to take the monumental title. As the Champions League returns, the football pundits are awaiting the Barcelona vs Bayern Munich predictions. The match is scheduled to take place at Camp Nou.

Every gaming fanatic is tremendously excited for the Playstation Showcase 2021. Sony has revealed the first- and third-party titles which are going to be released shortly. The event has lived up to the hype. Everybody is geared up to ready their consoles to run the best games of the next generation. Some are lined up to buy the powerful Playstation 5 following the reveal. Are you also planning to buy Playstation 5 this year? This might not sound like a bad idea as you keep reading this article.

Any poker player has situations during the game when one has a gut feeling of how everything will happen. Indeed, it is generally accepted that poker is a mixture of psychology and mathematics. However, what about intuition in this case? Is it really important or does it just get in the way of the decision-making process? To understand these issues in detail, it is first necessary to understand what intuition is in general and at what moments it manifests itself. In this article, let’s figure out how intuition helps in poker. 

The life of professional gamblers is like a roller coaster. Today you are at the peak of fame: you take pictures next to millions of dollars that you won in a tournament, accept congratulations from your friends, journalists interview you. However, very little time passes, and you are already head over heels in debt. Not a trace of old friends is left, and beauties prefer to spend time with those who continue to be on the wave of success. There is an American expression: easy come, easy go! Indeed, it describes well the role of money in the lives of many poker pros. History is full of examples of players who won millions and ended up with nothing. We will talk about the most famous poker players who lost it all.

The first modern Olympic Games were in Athens in 1896. And for quite a long time the competitions were held only in summer sports. However, the first preconditions for the Winter Games appeared back in 1901, when the first Northern European Games took place. The tournament was considered international, but it was mainly attended by athletes from Scandinavia: Danes, Finns, Norwegians, and Swedes. Athletes competed in skeleton, cross-country skiing, ice hockey, figure skating, ski jumping, and other sports that were absent from the Summer Olympics program. The figure skating Olympic sport wasn't on the list.

Some poker players are good, others are not. Which one would you rather see as your opponent in a money game? The answer seems obvious. However, many players do not attach importance to this question. They are ready to challenge any opponent and are confident that they can outplay him. Indeed, there are not so few strong rivals, and they do not like to share money. Therefore, the choice of tables for the game is a must for a player who approaches poker professionally. In this case, the more weak opponents at the tables, the greater the winning distance. In this article, you will learn useful tips for table selection in online poker and understand how to play profitable compositions more often.

To play the perfect poker game, you will need to buy a good poker table. The kitchen table is great when playing poker with your family. However, now that you have regular guests who come to play poker, it's time to upgrade your room. There are several factors to take into account when thinking about how to choose a table for poker. Let’s get started!

Good news for poker fans! The gambling market has been updated, so you can try your luck playing new games at online casinos. Check out the best video poker games 2021 from the world’s top gaming providers.

One could think that bingo is mainly for elderly women, who are playing every Thursday night in the local country club. But in fact, it is nothing like that! It is a popular gambling form, and many engage with it online. That is why the online casino giant, Pragmatic Play took its live Bingo games to the famous online operator, BetVictor.

Here is a fact: it is not just us, mere mortal creatures that like to gamble from time to time. There are several celebrities – be them football players, other athletes, singers, actors or any other famous people – who also like to engage in some wagering. There is, for example Ben Affleck, who – as rumor has it – likes playing poker, and tends to win!