Matt Lauer Odds In 2024 – A Potentially New Talk Show Coming


Posted: April 19, 2024

Updated: April 19, 2024

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Today we are going to give you valuable insight on the Matt Lauer odds in 2024! Join us if you wish to discover how to wager on the upcoming, potential show or renewed career of a man who lost his relevance in television ten years ago due to questionable allegations. You can learn more about the past, the present, and the prospective future here!

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Do you remember Matt Lauer? While you might not be a fan of his, in the end, his allegations remain unproven. His response to all of the allegations and firings indicated that parts of the stories were oversaturated, which wouldn’t be a far stretch from the trend of fake-” me too” allegations trying to profit off of real victims. However, today we are not here to debate what happened. Rather, we are seeing an old television figure’s attempt to return to the scene.

He expects an apology from people, and of course, he is debating the next step in his career. This is why we are here to talk about the Matt Lauer odds in 2024. If you are interested in betting on celebrities, television figures, or generally anything you can think about, then please browse some of the online sportsbook sites in the US.

Who Is He? – Matt Lauer Odds In 2024

If you are unaware of Matt Lauer, we can not truly blame you. He is a former television figure, mostly acting as a reporter. He was regarded in high ranks, and he could easily benefit the career of others in the field. According to People, he recently has changed his social circle drastically. This could open new doors in restarting his career. But why has it stopped? Well, mainly because roughly ten years ago, he had several allegations of sexual assault. 

While most of the story hints at the fact that these might have not been fully assaults or even non-consensual cases, there is a level of embarrassment involved. Our best guess and theory is that he offered career promotion for entanglements. Whatever may be the truth, he is now reformed and wants to be famous again. You can bet on his new career by registering at 22BET Sportsbook.

matt lauer after 10 years

He Wants To Be Relevant Again

So, why do we have Matt Lauer odds in 2024? It seems that Matt Lauer has a new life. With his new girlfriend, the things that have taken place ten years ago are not likely to happen again. Whatever that might have been. However, he is ready to become relevant again. According to the US Magazine, he is still unsure what relevance means. Nowadays, people can gain more relevancy by becoming internet famous, than getting into the television industry.

Of course, it all depends on his desires. If he wants to become a part of the television industry, then that shall be his way of speaking relevancy. Being relevant in the television industry is good, but starting his podcast could be more financially beneficial.

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The Matt Lauer Odds In 2024

Now that you know everything about him, let’s talk about the main odds. This year we have seen that Snoop Dogg joined NBC for a brief collaboration during the Olympics. It is not impossible to imagine that Matt Lauer is going to pick up his old career and join one of the many cable channels in America. He had an experience with NBC, and we doubt he would go back there. CBS is one of the best contestants for the role, but we believe that History, Fox, or ESPN would benefit him much more. Well, the odds on each network are the following: 

Matt Lauer – Contracted presenter: which network

  • CBS – 5
  • NBC – 6
  • ABC – 6
  • Fox News – 6
  • TNT – 7
  • MSNBC – 7
  • TruTV – 7
  • USA Network – 7
  • History – 9
  • ESPN – 9

new tv show odds

Our Predictions

Now that we are talking about the Matt Lauer odds in 2024, it is important to highlight the many possibilities he has. For once, we are expecting to see MrBeast’s new show this year. Thus, he might just drop the whole television thing, or if he is not, then he might turn into something else. Perhaps a screenwriter, or maybe a television game show host. Thanks to his still bad reputation, he might pick a role that lets him highlight his reformed side, instead of pushing for a cruel character most reality show hosts require to play.

We could see him coordinating shows behind the scenes, or being a simple news reporter. Whatever it may be, we all must admit that he has skills for television. We expect him to start his show, and most likely this show will feature interviews of some sort. Probably at CBS!

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Him To Launch His Show – Matt Lauer Odds In 2024

As we said earlier, we suspect that he is going to launch his show. There is news out already. Which makes this bet pretty valuable for those who believe he will go along with it. According to In Touch Weekly, Don Lemon and Matt Lauer were talking about collaborating on a talk show where there are no boundaries or limitations to topics.

This is a pretty good way to get his reputation and relevancy back. Talk shows are always enjoyedand they can be translated into podcasts for internet users. It would be a win-win for everyone, and we have a lot of people they could interview in their style.

Matt Lauer to have his show in 2024

  • Yes – 4.5

Matt Lauer new show in 2024

How To Bet On Celebrities Online?

We have reached the end of our list for the Matt Lauer odds in 2024! If you believe that he will be able to regain his relevancy, then all you have to do is essentially wager on him. We believe the odds are great for having his show, given the fact that the bookies did not specify any type of show. As long as the camera is recording him, and it is owned by him, then you are going to win the bet.

And if you are not a fan of television at all, then take a look at our list of the best casino game shows. As for betting, we recommend you register at 22BET SportsbookThis is where you can bet on celebrities of any type. Last week we placed a bet on Taylor Swift’s new album, and it seems that this week we are going to bet on Matt Lauer to launch his show in 2024.

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