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Posted: April 25, 2024

Updated: April 25, 2024

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Today we are going to have all of the Alice in Borderland cards explained! Whether you saw the show, or are considering watching it, this article is going to clarify the essence of what makes this series, manga, and anime so outstanding and unique. The article contains spoilers.

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Did you not get the point of Alice in Borderland just yet? Well, this is why we are here! Today we are going to give you a thorough explanation of every single suit in the show! Keep in mind that as we’ll have Alice in Borderland cards explained, we are going to give you slight spoilers to bring examples from the show. The face cards (queen/king/jack) are essentially the hardest difficulties, thus, they do not seem to hold a significant difference between each other.

There are three bosses for each suit, and the suits define the style. There might be a potential for themes going on between the face cards, but in essence? They are the bosses of each suit. They are the hardest to defeat. If you are interested in playing cards online, check out our list of online poker sites in the US. Spoiler alert!

About The Show – Alice In Borderland Cards Explained

Before we jump right into the explanations, first let’s have a brief introduction to the show ‘Alice in Borderland’. This is a series available on Netflix, which is an adaptation of a Japanese manga and anime. They left the typical anime troupes out the window, giving us a show as masterful as Squid Game. In the show, hundreds of people find themselves in an alternate reality, where the world is empty, and they have to compete in different games to survive before their VISA expires, otherwise a laser ends them.

Each game is named after a type of French card. During the show, they try to figure out what this world is, and in the end, the plot twist will leave your jaws dropped. Each suit represents a different type of game. According to Reddit, the face cards in each suit represent the bosses, but there is no evidence of the Jack, King, and Queen to have significant differences. If you wish to play card games online, register at Everygame Poker.

Alice in borderland games

The Clubs Suits

Let’s start having the Alice in Borderland cards explained with the club’s suit. According to CapitalFM, the club cards are all about teamwork in a deadly game. For the participants to survive, they need to work together and trust each other. The show begins with a club card, where they have to guess which door to enter. The wrong door will burn them alive, while the right door proceeds to the next room with new doors.

In the show, the King of Clubs is Kyuma, playing with his music band which feels like family. They invented a game of Osmosis, where the participants have to steal points from each other, while also defending their base and collecting their bonuses. Arisu and his friends beat impossible odds by sacrificing a hand.

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Diamonds – Alice In Borderland Cards Explained

The Diamonds cards are games that require analytical skills with heavy calculations and logic. These are the puzzle games that often involve a lot of math and logical calculation. During these games, a single mathematical mistake can lead to gruesome deaths, as we have seen in the manga and the series. Arisu played Diamond’s game to prove his worth at the Beach, where he had to switch light bulbs in a room full of water.

One wrong choice and everyone is electrified. The King of Diamonds was Kuzuryu, beaten by Chishiya. It was a complex game where participants had to guess numbers between 0 and 100, where the average was multiplied by 0.8. Whoever’s pick was the closest to the average survived the round. Whoever lost all lives, got a cauldron of acid falling on them. It was the greatest moment of suspense in the show!

cards in AiB

Spades Suits

The Spades suit is the best to have the Alice in Borderland cards explained. Simply, the Spades cards are tasks that require an intense amount of physical prowess. Mixing strength, stamina, endurance, and agility, the participants must complete tasks that require running, jumping, and sometimes fighting. These are cruel games with no time to think or make a strategy. We see both the Queen and the King of Spades in the show.

According to the Collider, the King of Spades is the most cruel game, where most players are immediately murdered in season 2. He is a mass shooter who resembles a shooting video game with deadly weapons that can even shoot through cars. He is hunting all players who are not playing against other bosses. The Queen of Spades is a tactical maze where team members have to capture and convert each other to the other team’s side.

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Hearts – Alice In Borderland Cards Explained

Oh, the Hearts. Let’s start by saying that the final boss is the Queen of Hearts to pay tribute to the story of Alice in Wonderland. The Hearts games are simply the worst. They are psychological games. They require a high level of trust, but to complete it also requires betrayal. In the first season, we see two dramatic heart games. Season 1 ends with a Heart game where people have to find out who is the witch and burn the witch alive, based on who murdered a person. Plot twist: The person who got murdered was the witch all along.

The Jack of Hearts was beaten by Chishiya, where people had to tell each other their mark, and then say it out loud. If the wrong mark was said, the person died. Finally, the last boss, the Queen of Hearts had a simple rule: Finish a game of crochet, without forfeiting. Of course, the psychological manipulation makes it extremely difficult to not forfeit.

Escaping borderlands

How About The Joker?

We had all the Alice in Borderland cards explained, but one mysterious card is left to interpretation. The Borderland is essentially a dimension between life and death, experienced under roughly 10 seconds in the state of temporary death. Once all the face cards were beatenin the Manga the Joker appeared as a mysterious entity who acts as a ferryman between life and death.

He has no game, but an offer to all players to either remain in the borderlands (death) or to go back to the real world (resurrected by doctors). In the series, the Joker is not present, but it is hinted at in the last scene. And as we saw on social media, the best Netflix show might receive a third season with the Joker in it. Who knows? – If you wish to play card games yourself, all you have to do is register at Everygame Poker.

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