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On the last day of the 2022/23 UEFA Nations League group stage, two Mediterranean top teams will meet in Braga. As Portugal will host the current group leader Spain next Tuesday, the 27th of September. Portugal vs Spain betting tips offers very similar odds for all results in the game. That can also decide which team will advance to the Nations League Finals next June. 

Blue v Red, Guardiola v Ten Hag, Man City v Man United. The battle of Manchester is already the most anticipated match of Week 9. Save the date, stay updated on the odds, and prepare with our Man City v Man United betting tips.

Brighton shocked the football world with their performance this season. But they've lost their manager and something similar could happen to the Reds as well. Check out our Liverpool v Brighton betting preview to see which team is more likely to climb the Premier League table.

1st placed Arsenal will host Tottenham, who are 3rd and still unbeaten. The winners of this match will not only be dubbed the kings of London, but they will also remain or take 1st place on the table. Check out our Arsenal v Spurs betting preview for everything you need to know before 1 October.

The Eagles' season has been horrible so far. After six matches they're near the bottom of the table, at 16th place. In the meantime, Chelsea's management struggles are preventing them from succeeding in any competition. Read our Crystal Palace v Chelsea betting tips for a better insight on this Matchweek 9 meeting.

Italy will host England in the fifth round of the 2022/23 Nations League group stage this Friday, the 23rd of September at San Siro. Neither of them has played well in the competition, but England needs more points after standing at the bottom of the group. Italy vs England betting tips offers the same odds for both teams’ victory. But in front of the home crowd, Roberto Mancini’s team should be the favorite. 

Both Benfica and PSG are on 6 points. Their performances across all competitions have also been formidable this season. Find out which club have the better chance of winning on Matchday 3. These are the best betting odds for Benfica v PSG.

Chelsea sit at the bottom of their group after two games. They will face Milan next, which is currently the worst scenario for them. We put together odds and additional info for the rapidly approaching Matchday 3. See our Chelsea v Milan betting preview for yourself.

Both clubs are on 3 points each, but their chances aren't the same odds. We put together the best odds for the upcoming Matchday 3 meeting between these two giants. Find out everything you need to know with our Inter v Barcelona betting tips now.

Cádiz are struggling mightily this season and the fact that they face Barcelona this week doesn't make life easier for them. Check out our betting tips for the upcoming Cádiz v Barcelona match and find out what the chances of both clubs are.

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