While the game of Bingo often brings up visions of elderly women playing a casual game at their local club, the game takes on a whole different character when it is online. Most people who play online bingo are under 50, and it is played as both a fun and social pastime.

Online bingo sites accomplish this mix of fun and money by adding chat capabilities to the software. This lets players talk with one another while the game is in progress. Many Bingo sites on the internet also include small online casino games – these games can be played between Bingo matches, or even while the Bingo game is in progress.

It might seem like chatting or playing online casino games would distract a player from their Bingo cards, but internet bingo makes things easy with features like Auto Daub that fills in numbers automatically. Players can even play 10 or 20 or more cards at a time and not have to worry about losing track of the numbers or falling behind, because everything is automatic. This lets player sit back, enjoy the atmosphere, and watch the prize money accumulate.

Along with regular online bingo games, which are usually run every 6 minutes or so, most online Bingo sites offer regular Coverall games. These last much longer, and can get pretty intense towards the end. These big games have much larger jackpots than the regular games, and are worth taking the time to play.

Internet bingo sites attract players with generous deposit bonuses, and keep them with regular promotions and reload bonuses. These bonuses are not as big as those found at online casinos though. This is not only because Bingo is much cheaper to play, but also because online Bingo sites tend to give away more tangible prizes. They offer drawings and sweepstakes for everything from shopping vouchers to exotic, all-expenses-paid holidays!