Aaron Ramsey Celebrity Death Curse Continues in 2016

Aaron Ramsey Celebrity Death Curse

Osama Bin Laden was the first victim of the Ramsey celebrity death curse, but celebrities die when Ramsey scores in 2016 as well.

It all started on 1st of May, 2011. Arsenal hosted Manchester United as the super derby in the Premier League, a rather unpredictable game by online sportsbooks. Playing home seemed to be enough of an advantage for Arsenal as they won the game by 1-0. The only scorer of the game was Aaron Ramsey in the 56th minute.

The Ramsey celebrity death curse was triggered at that exact moment and has been going on ever since. Nobody knew that a celebrity dies when Ramsey scores, but it seems to be the case. Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda leader terrorist was killed on the 2nd of May, 2011, 1 day after Ramsey scored that particular goal.

Steve Jobs was the second victim of the infamous Ramsey celebrity death curse

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs (Photo: bbc)

Four month passed by without anything similar happening, people seemed to forget the coincidence between Ramsey’s goal and Bin Laden’s death. 
Date is October 2nd, and another derby in the Premier League, city rivals face each other this time: Tottenham host Arsenal at White Hart Lane. 

The whites win the game eventually by 2-1, however, Arsenal’s only goal is of course scored by Aaron Ramsey, who kills when he scores. This time it happened a bit late: we had to wait 3 days, but the Ramsey celebrity death curse was triggered again: Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Inc. has died of cancer. Coincidence? Maybe.

Muammar Gaddafi came next

Muammar Gaddafi 

Muammar Gaddafi (Photo: bbc)

It was the third round in the Champions League Group Stages in the same year, 2011, the 19th of October.Olympique Marseille hosted Arsenal in a rather eventless game where Arsenal was regarded as favourites,according toonline gambling sites in UK. The match was decided in the last second as Aaron Ramsey scored in the 92nd minute.The scary story of the celebrity serial killer Aaron Ramsey reappeared. Ramsey won the game for Arsenal on 19th October. The dead body of Muammar Gaddafi, Libyan dictator, was found the following day.

Whitney Houston was next on Ramsey’s kill list

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston (Photo: mitrofm)

In this occasion, the Ramsey celebrity death curse came incredibly fast. The Sunderland – Arsenal game started at 3 PM on 11 February, 2012. The home team took the lead unexpectedly, but the infamous celebrity serial killer equalized only 5 minutes later. Thierry Henry also scored in the 90th minute, winning the match for Arsenal. Few hours later, at 3:55 pm US time, Whitney Houston’s death has officially been announced. Cause: she was found drown in her bathtub. Do you still think it all is just a coincidence, or could there be some kind of secret Illuminati Arsenal members?

Ramsey goal tragedy caused Paul Walker’s death as well

Paul Walker

Paul Walker (Photo: ibTimes)

2012 was a quite year after the Whitney Houston tragedy, no celebrity died because of Aaron Ramsey that year. However, the Ramsey celebrity death curse didn’t wait too long: Cardiff hosted Arsenal in a game which seemed rather one-sided even according to online sportsbooks in UK. No surprise happened at the end: Arsenal won easily by 3-0 at Cardiff City Stadium. Aaron Ramsey scored twice. No need to tell what happened only a few hours later, right? Paul Walker, beloved actor of the Fast & Furious franchise has died in a car accident.

Robin Williams, the next victim of the Ramsey celebrity death curse

Robin Williams

Robin Williams (Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

The Community Shield is the English Supercup, it is played between the reigning champion and the FA Cup holder in the beginning of each season. In the 10th of August in 2014, it was an encounter between Arsenal and Manchester City. It was expected to be a balanced, unpredictable derby, however it ended up being too one-sided: Arsene Wenger’s men won by 3-0. Aaron Ramsey scored the second for his team. The next day, people all over the world received incredibly sad news: Robin Williams committed suicide at the age of 63. All because Ramsey wanted to score a goal…Illuminati confirmed.

David Bowie was not the last man on the infamous Ramsey kill list

David Bowie

David Bowie

It happened not so long ago, all music lovers were shocked: David Bowie died of liver cancer, only 2 days after his 69th birthday. That is 10th of January, 2016.More interesting part is that Arsenal played an FA Cup game against Sunderland on the 9th of January. Will you guess what happened? Celebrity killer Aaron Ramsey scored Arsenal’s second goal, with which they took over as Sunderland took the lead. The Ramsey celebrity death curse got activated again. Another celebrity died when Ramsey scored a goal.

Alan Rickman, latest name on Ramsey’s kill list

Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman

David Bowie’s death occurred hardly a few weeks ago, but unfortunately this was not the latest and definitely not the last attack of the infamous Ramsey celebrity death curse. Liverpool hosted Arsenal on 13th January, 2016 at Anfield Road. Premier League derby between two clubs that used to be far better than they are nowadays. However, they play a great game with a final result of 3-3. Ramsey scores the first Arsenal goal, second of the game. Football fans already knew at this point that this can mean nothing good for the celebrity world. And those who thought that were right, Alan Rickman’s death was announced the following day. Ramsey goal caused tragedy again.

Dear Aaron, you can take whichever dictator or terrorist you want, but we will never forgive you Robin Williams, Alan Rickman and David Bowie! However, please note that we don’t want to accuse Ramsey of having anything to do with the above-mentioned persons, and of course we don’t believe at all that there is any kind of connection between Ramsey and these celebrities who died tragically. However, it was interesting to see how unfortunate it could become for a player to score a goal. I’m not sure if I could truly and honestly celebrate my goals if I were Aaron Ramsey.

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