Almost 90 Billion Virtual Hands Dealt at Poker Stars

Poker Stars is giving away a million dollars to celebrate the 90 billion hands it has dealt so far.

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Worldwide and UK online poker operator giant Poker Stars is ready to deal its 90 billionth hand. That is ninety billion, 90,000,0000,000 poker hands.

The World population reached 7 billion on October 31, 2011. Today there are about 7,080 million people living on this planet. Comparing with Poker Stars numbers: there are more than 12 (12,712) hands dealt for one person in the world, counting everybody including infants and elderly.

It took eleven years for the poker-specialized UK online operator to reach this number. Poker Stars is throwing a massive party as a part of its “Road to 100 Billion” promotion.

To celebrate the 90 billion dealt hands, the British gambling law compliant website will distribute a whopping sum of one million US dollars among their players around the world.

Poker players on Poker Stars cash game tables who are dealt into a millionth hand will receive cash prizes. The offer is valid between the 89,700,000,000th and the 90,000,000,000th hands. For example, the 89,901,000,000th hand participants will receive a cash prize as well as the 89,999,000,000th hand participants.

The 90 billionth hand dealt at Poker Stars will award a minimum of $20,000.

According to Poker Stars, the promotion to celebrate the 90 billion hands is expected to start within the next few days.

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