Australian Gamblers Favor Internet Casinos over Landbased Casinos


Posted: February 1, 2011

Updated: October 4, 2017

A new study from Deepstack Media Ltd suggests that Australian prefer online casinos in Australia over brick-and-mortar casinos.  

A new study from Deepstack Media Ltd suggests that Australian prefer online casinos in Australia over brick-and-mortar casinos. According to Deepstack, the ambiance of physical casinos is not lost in transition to internet casinos.

In fact, Deepstack suggests that Australians find the “realism” of lively animations and graphics not only remain but are improved by advances in contemporary technology. Internet slot machines and internet blackjack are just as simple as physical slots since players only need to press a button to spin the wheels or flip a card. Thus players can participate minimalistically except when critical decisions must be made. Deepstack suggests that this engages players while creating anticipation.

Deepstack’s report puts forward that Australian internet casinos are actually better than land-based casinos. Unlike physical casinos, Australians can access online casinos anywhere in the county or even outside of it (as long as they can get an internet connection and there is no interference by a firewall). In fact, Australians can even enjoy internet casinos while sitting on the beach with a laptop. Moreover, internet casinos often usually offer many more games than physical casinos; many of these games are unique to internet casinos.

Deepstack’s statement noted that internet casinos also enable players to “practice” on games for free, which is nearly unheard of in land-based casinos. Likewise, unconcerned with players spending time at games for free, online casinos can also be more creative and generous during a game’s bonus rounds, developing games which are much more provoking.

Furthermore, Deepstack’s study touts that Australians who play online casino games profit from the competition among internet casinos. While a player can only be at one offline casino at any given time, and no matter how close two casinos are, it takes time to travel from one to the next, internet casino players can quickly switch to other internet casinos to benefit from additional games or promotions at one online casino, but not at the other.

While Deepstack suggests most Australian players are concerned about the security of their bank details, which are indeed more abused now then ever, most internet casinos take pride in their ability to thwart criminals who would abuse their player’s data for fraudulent purposes. They use Paypal and similar payment processors to give real money players easy access to internet casinos with the full knowledge that their finances are in trustworthy hands. Moreover, according to Deepstack, internet casino winnings are deposited directly into the player’s accounts so they do not need to wait.

Deepstack concludes that Australians, like many internet gamblers around the world, realize the many merits of internet gambling in Australia.

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