Best Fantasy-Themed Casino Slots: Elves, Dragons and More

  • Fantasy slot games are among the most popular in casinos
  • Best of the best: what slots featuring fantasy worlds are on top?
best fantasy-themed casino slots

Slot machines featuring fantastic beasts and beautiful creatures have always been popular among gamblers. There are many reasons why games like these attract players and you will understand it too once they are ranked. Here are 5 best fantasy-themed casino slots to play online!

You hit the mark if you were looking for the most profitable and also brilliantly designed slot machines. Our list of the most popular slots featuring fantasy themes will not only bring you some cash but delight the eye like nothing else.

According to the online casinos in the UK, fantasy themes belong to the top 3 popular slot games. Together with golden classics and ancient-themed games, the fairy world is the most searched on casino sites. So, what fantasy slots are a must-try for every gambler?

Slay the dragon at Dragon Myths

Dragon Myths is one of the best fantasy-themed casino slots available online. The game by Microgaming follows a young female dragon slayer, who looks like a true Viking of the 21st century. The red-headed warrior with a shield and helmet will support you during the whole gaming process. On the other hand, there is a dragon, who gets really angry when you outplay him. Thanks to 3D animation and great visuals, the slot feels very realistic.

best fantasy-themed casino slots
Are you into fantasy slots?

The slot game itself has a standard five-reel structure, 3 rows, and 20 pay lines. To win in Dragon Myths, you have to collect four dragon images in reel 5 and take a prize. There are also some bonuses giving you free spins, dragon eggs with double winnings, and more.

Fight against knights at Dragon Slot

Dragon Slot is another “monsterverse” game featuring dangerous creatures. The concept of one of the best fantasy-themed casino slots is very different though. Here you can feel like Daenerys from “Game of Thrones” as you have to choose your own dragon and use it to win. Pick one of 4 different monsters, fight against knights, and enter the next level with free spins if your dragon wins. Then, you will have to compete with other dragons for a cash prize.

Dragon Slot is an exciting fantasy game featuring beautiful but scary dragons of different colors and designs. Choose the one you like to play this 5-reel game at Betsafe Casino as it has this slot machine to play online.

Meet Elven Princesses from the same-name game

If you prefer fairer fantasy creatures that dragons, try playing the Elven Princesses slot. Beautiful female elves will make the gaming process even more exciting and long-lasting. Besides them, this game has plenty of artifacts familiar from various fantasy movies and legends. Here you can find swords, axes, crowns, armor, and lots of other magic weapons. 

The slot machine has 5 reels and 30 pay lines like almost every other game. What makes Elven Princesses stand out from the rest is a high rate from users. Visuals and sound in Elven Princesses are also on the highest level.

Discover space with Elements: The Awakening

One of the most beautifully designed slots is Elements: The Awakening. The game has stunning visuals and animation that will take you away from reality. You will play on a faraway planet with dangerous volcanoes and snowy mountains in the background. However, the most interesting feature of the game is the absence of traditional reels. While playing Elements: The Awakening, you will have to collect cosmic stones falling from above.

best fantasy-themed casino slots
Dragons and knights!

In addition, the game has 4 separate bonus rounds with each of them corresponding to basic elements: fire, water, air, earth. Winning the round gives you free spins and gives bonuses to increase the winning chances. To be honest, the money will be the last thing to bother about as you will simply enjoy the gaming process and the visuals.

Faerie Spells is among the best fantasy-themed casino slots

Faerie Spells is not only one of the winning slots in 2020, but also one of the most exciting games to play. This video slot with mysterious creatures and beautiful visuals is a must-try for fans of fantasy. It has everything fantasy is known for – mysterious creatures, magical artifacts, golden coins, potions, toadstools… The visuals are stunning, so you better play Faerie Spells once than hear about it multiple times. Free spins and various bonuses are also available for fans of this fantastic slot game.

You can discover more about Betsafe Casino here.

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