Check Out the Best Odds to Bet on Europa League 2018 Final!

Europa League Final 2018 Lyon

Here are the best odds to bet on Europa League 2018 Final between Atletico de Madrid and Olympique Marseille!

Both Europa League semi finals ended up being pretty exciting and both games were open until the very last seconds. That’s exactly what football fans need. Hopefully the last match will be something similar, even though we shouldn’t expect much excitement based on the odds to bet onEuropa League 2018 Final.

Atletico Madrid eliminated Arsenal

Possibly the two strongest teams in the Europa League were drawn together in the semi-finals, which made online sportsbook news sites in France believe that the winner of these encounters will win the final too. Odds to bet on Europa League 2018 Final agree with such opinions as Atletico are favourites to win Europa League 2018.

It was an open game until the very end. Atletico tied 1-1 on the first leg in London even though they were one man down from the 10th minute after a dumb red card. The second leg in Madrid was won by a Diego Costa goal. Arsenal failed to score from any of their many chances which makes Atletico the finalists with a 2-1 aggregated result.

Salzburg lost on extra time

Olympique Marseille won the first leg at home by 2-0. All online sportsbook sites in France expected the second leg to be an easy game for the French side. It actually seemed like a boring match: 0-0 at half time. However, Red Bull Salzburg ended up winning the match 2-0, which meant extra time for them.

Everyone was preparing for the penalty shootout, we were already in the second half of the extra time, 5 more minutes to be played. Another corner for OM. It was a referee mistake but it won’t help Salzburg now. They conceded and lost all chances for us to bet on Europa League 2018 final winners to be the Austrians. Marseille qualified and will face Simeone’s men in Lyon.

Bet on OM vs Atletico!

The UEFA Europa League 2018 Final is to be played on 16 May. The Parc Olympique Lyonnais will give venue to the event, which means Olympique Marseille have the chance to win a continental trophy in the home of their ancient rivals. They could mock Lyon fans for life if that was to happen.

However, the sites in the online sportsbook directory believe it will be Lyon fans to mock Marseille at the end: the French team is expected to lose the game as the odds for Atletico to win Europa League 2018 are 1.35, while OM odds to win Europa League are 3.25. Simeone’s men are clear favourites.

And that’s not only because of the quality of the two squads, but also because of their experience. It will be OM’s first continental cup final in quite a while, while basically the very same Atletico has played (and lost) 2 Champions League finals and won the Europa League twice since 2010.

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