Bet on the Wrestlemania 35 Universal Championship Titleholder

  • Seth Rollins could become Universal Champion for the first time
  • Brock Lesnar is as dominant as ever
  • John Cena suffered an injury but he is expected to fight till the end
Bet on the Wrestlemania 35 Titleholder

Wrestlemania 35 titleholder bets are already available on 22 BET Sportsbook. The Championship is currently held by Brock Lesnar, but considering the challengers, anything can happen. Seth Rollins is an incredibly strong and talented opponent, going to the title.  On the other hand, Finn Bálor is trying to regain the Championship.

Wrestlemania 35 Universal Championship Titleholder Odds (Updated on 05.02.2019)
Wrestler Odds
Seth Rollins 1.43
Brock Lesnar 3
Finn Bálor 13
John Cena 26
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Seth Rollins is on his road to the Championship

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins

After winning the WWE Championship, Rollins became the first wrestler of Armenian descent to hold the title. Additionally, he is the 2019 Men’s Royal Rumble winner. He won numerous titles, just like the Intercontinental Championship, Triple Crown Champion and the Grand Slam Champion. Due to his technique, many consider him the most talented professional wrestler ever.

Seth Rollins has chosen to fight against Lesnar for the Championship title. Seth Rollins is in a very good position at the moment. He already won the hearts of the people, and now wants to win the belt. His odds to become Wrestlemania 35 titleholder are as high as 1.816 on 22BET Sportsbook.

Brock Lesnar even defeated The Undertaker

Brock Lesnar is the legendary American professional wrestler who became the youngest WWE Champion in history. Besides wrestling, he is also known for being outstanding in mixed martial arts, and having been a professional football player. He is performing on the Raw brand and he is the current Universal Champion in his second reign. That means, he owns the belt for 89 days now.

Since Lesnar appeared in the ring, his domination has been powerful. The fighter is well known for his frightening strength, and fearful size. His height of 190cm and body mass close to 150 kilograms are convincing enough.

Lesnar is an unconquerable monster. In 2014, he managed to defeat John Cena at Summerslam without allowing him to initiate any attacks at all. What’s more, he was the man to break The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak. Lesnar’s odds to win the title are estimated at 3.

Finn Bálor was the first titleholder and he is going for it again

Finn Balor
Finn Balor

The  Irish professional wrestler is also performing on the Raw brand. In 2016, the fighter became the first-ever WWE Universal Champion after beating Seth Rollins in an epic match at SummerSlam. His reign, however, lasted one day only. After achieving his first successes at 18, Bálor relocated to Japan. During a tough eight-year period, he learned some new skills. Apparently, the Far East has inspired and trained him well.

Few people know that Bálor, together with a friend, started a wrestling school in Ireland. The school was running for three years and was very successful. They even organized shows and training camps for their talented students. The gifted athlete has a great opportunity now for regaining the prestigious title. His odds for winning are estimated at 8, however, he might cause surprises. Most certainly, he is aiming to regain the belt that was his once already.

John Cena is expected to win the title

Everybody knows the 16-time World Champion. One of the greatest wrestlers of all time, Cena will be aiming to get this title. That way he would become a single wrestler with the maximum amount of World Championships. John Cena’s odds for the triumph are 26 this time.

Though Cena hasn’t proved too much recently, he still has a lot of potential in him. Just two weeks ago, the superstar suffered an injury after being involved in a fatal fight. Fans are having their fingers crossed so the fighter will fully recover. Also, if he would win this clash, a long-lasting dream of his fans would be fulfilled.

What is sure, WrestleMania fans can expect a thrilling clash between strong opponents. Count back the days till the fight, read our review about 22BET Sportsbook and make sure you bet on your favorite.

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