Bet on Thomas Müller Scoring Multiple Goals at the 2018 World Cup

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A few months ago, not many football enthusiasts would have betted on Thomas Müller, whose performance had been a mere shadow of his former achievements, to play as important a role in the upcoming World Cup as he’d had in the past. However, the tables seem to have turned yet again.

Müller’s poor run started at the Euro 2016, where, contrary to expectations, he failed to find the net at all. Luckily, his period of struggle is probably over and he has good chances of repeating his former World Cup performances. Do you still remember them?

A Key Player in 2010 and 2014

The German team is definitely counting on a strong return by Müller. He scored five goals in both of the World Cups he appeared in (2010 and 2014). This remarkable achievement has earned him a spot among the all-time top 10 World Cup goalscorers.

His 2014 performance was especially memorable. His most important role was to find gaps in the opposition defence and create opportunities, but he was also great as a goalscorer. In fact, he received the Silver Boot trophy as the tournament’s second top goalscorer.

Signs of a Glorious Return

Then came the Euro 2016 tournament and a period that did not please Müller’s fans. Until the end of 2017, the athlete scored shockingly few goals for Bayern, finishing the 2016-17 season with five goals in 29 Bundesliga appearances, 0 goals in three German Cup matches, and three goals in 9 Champions League matches. Many blame coach Carlo Ancelotti’s strategy for the low numbers.

Thomas Muller

Following a change of coaches, Müller is again doing wonders for Bayern. Most recently, he scored the first goal in Bayern’s victory against Hannover. Müller is also definitely in his element in the national team, which is proved by his scoring the stunning equalizer in the World Cup warm-up match against Spain.

Betting on Thomas Müller seems safe again

Online sportsbook sites in Germany ignore Müller’s recent achievements and still find it more likely that he will not have a particularly strong performance in the World Cup. Unibet Sportsbook gives a 2.00 multiplier for Müller scoring over 2.5 goals and a 1.72 multiplier for under 2.5 goals. Back in form, he has a chance of having a goal record well above 2.5, so it might be a good idea to bet on Thomas Müller before his future successes decrease that 2.00 multiplier.

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