Betting Odds and Predictions for NFL’s Week 4 of Action

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Sports betting players once again have something to look forward to as Week 4 of the NFL season is just around the corner.

• Lions expected to seal a win against the Jets

• Steelers have amassed 67 points in two games

• Dallas Cowboys will play as home underdogs to the Saints

Keeping in mind recent results where a number of NFL teams have shown an equal amount of skill, Week 4 is set to showcase more action with a level playing field. So far there is only game that has a line that reaches further than a single score and that match concerns that Jacksonville Jaguars, who have displayed some disappointing performances.

Besides that there are plenty of opportunities to catch a really exciting game. Considering that viewers usually want to derive a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment from these games, this point is clearly an advantage. Nevertheless, at the moment it is somewhat ambiguous who the winners of the outcomes will be with all the promising teams in play.

Lions have a formidable attack

Bettors should pay attention to the teams that they feel confident about and place wagers on their potential wins. On September 25th, the Giants will face the Redskins while the Line Stands at Washington -3.5 with also a Washington Pick. On Sunday (Sep 28), Green Bay Packers will square off against the Chicago Bears with Line being Even and Pick for Chicago.

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Lions have a formidable attack

However, there some other teams are expected to shine are they have been identified as the top picks for Week 4 of NFL season. Detroit Lions are considered to pose perhaps the most fearsome offense that can serve a devastating blow to any opponent. Calvin Johnson, Matthew Stafford and some of the other great players are all part of the talented squad.

In the initial going, the defensive players have been raking up praise for their efforts by being second in points against and first in yards allowed, according to gambling news. Last week this batch of players have managed to tame the Green Bay Packers from their high status as a real power machine.

Aaron Rodgers and his team could not effective assert themselves throughout the game, as they covered less than 225 overall yards and secured a humble seven points in total. The increased margin error was greatly welcomed by Stafford and the rest of his Lions teammates.

Stafford has great confidence in his team

After the Lions thrashed the Packers with a final score of 19-7, Stafford commented on his Twitter account, “You’re not going to play perfect every Sunday. It’s nice to come away with a win and know you can get a whole lot better.”

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Stafford has great confidence in his team

Against the New York Jets, the Lions will have to once again effectively utilize their defensive talents to stop Chris Ivory and Chris Johnson. The Jest have allowed 571 yards coupled with five touchdowns through the air in the last two games, so the aerial duties will have to be used as well. With this in mind the Lions should be routine winners.

Currently, mobile betting provider GTBets is offering Favorite Team Point Discounts on the NFL and College Football. The conditions are free ½ point on 2 NFL teams and also a free ½ point on 2 College Football teams throughout the entire season. Combining the Lions with some other team might prove beneficial.

Steelers and Cowboys also among top picks

Up until now, Pittsburg Steelers have managed to score a total of 67 points in two games and only received six in their loss. This season they will have to suffer through games without having a secure defensive line, so the attack will have to make up for this handicap.

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Steelers and Cowboys also among top picks

The Steelers also boast a great runner in Le’Veon Bell, who has shown incredible skills in avoiding tackles, making his per-carry average result close to six. Also, the team will look to make use of Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown for their immense passing talents, against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In their offence stats, Tampa Bay holds a 30th position on the charts, while it ranks 27th in overall defense. Sports experts believe that the Steelers are expected to be secure a comfortable double-digit win over the Buccaneers.

The Cowboys will come against the Saints on Monday and many believe that Dallas will manage to pull off a victory. In Week 1 the Cowboys let off a run too soon in which they suffered a loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Luckily for them, since that humbling defeat they managed to secure back-to-back wins.

Over the last two games that they have won, the Cowboys achieved 78 runs and 52 passes. Moreover, their star Murray is the leading rusher of the NFL with a total of 385 yards completed, a number that stands at 70 more than anyone else.

Dallas will have to neutralize the Saints who so far maintain a record of 0-2 on the road and have a ranking of 24 in yards allowed, according to mobile casinos. Tony Romo will be looking to secure some fine throws in the game, however the Cowboys are deemed as home underdogs.

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