British Gambling Laws Curb Unlicensed Bets in North Kesteven Bars

British gambling license board began to crack down on discos, clubs and bars in North Kesteven which failed to getlicense under British gambling laws.

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Nightclubs as well as bars throughout North Kesteven (East Midlands), which authorities believe are providing patrons with unlicensed sports betting, games of chance, slot machines and even online bingo games in United Kingdom have been under surveillance for months.

The licensing inspectors of the North Kesteven District Council, enforcing British gambling laws were ready to pounce on the unsuspecting villains who for some reason refuse to pay for a simple license to be able to legally offer gaming options to their customers.

The Council along with members of the Gambling Commission have successfully licensed all but nine entertainment venues which must be all licensed according to online gambling news in the United Kingdom. Despite repeated warning, the villains refused to pay 9 quid for the license which forced the hand of the Council.

“A number of bars, clubs and discos took the time to get the gambling license to legalize their business right after initial contact was made by the council. Just nine entertainment premises failed to respond to our directives, which resulted in a special visit from North Kesteven gambling licensing inspector along with a supporting local compliance manager for the Gambling Commission,” explained the council’s spokesperson.

After the initial investigation, and repeated ignored contact attempts the joint taskforce decided to take action against the unrepentant law breakers. The gambling licensing officer, now accompanied by two compliance managers, visited the bars offering the unlicensed sports betting in United Kingdom to local punters.

The visit had a positive outcome, as four of the seven bars paid for the new gambling license and one bar owner no longer wanted to offer sports betting and asked for the gambling devices to be removed.

The remaining three establishments were placed on the recalcitrant list and forwarded to a special team in London, which is expected to arrive next year with three compliance managers, and as of today has a perfect track record of convincing villains to respect their gambling authority.

The North Kesteven District Council is in charge of keeping an eye on 339 bars, clubs and discos out of which 131 offer some form of gambling to their patrons.

North Kesteven District Council currently monitors 339 licensed premises, 131 of which were considered during this project of having some form of gambling facility.

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