East or West: Bet on NFL Conference 2017-2018

East or West: Bet on NFL Conference 2017-2018

National Football League Conference 2017-2018 is drawing to its close. While the venue and competing teams of the NFC Championship Game is still to be announced, Unibet Sportsbook is ready to offer you the best NFL betting odds. Don’t fail to bet on NFL Conference today!

NFC and AFC Championship Games are both set on January 21, 2018. Winners will be qualified for Super Bowl LII, which in turn is going to be held on February 4, 2018 at U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota. If you’re willing to bet on NFL Conference, you should know the main issue which has arisen at online betting sites in the US: East or West will hold the NFC Title?

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Top 5 NFC Championship Game betting odds:

  • Minnesota Vikings 3.25
  • Philadelphia Eagles 4.25
  • Los Angeles Rams 5.00
  • New Orleans Saints 5.00
  • Carolina Panthers 8.50

The first thing that catches the eye is that there’s no 2016-2017 NFC Title Holder – Atlanta Falcons (they won NFC Championship twice!). Actually, sad thing is that they have only 11.00 that put them 6th in current betting odds list.

(source: Fans Favorite Fan

While you can’t say the same about the bookies’ favorite – Minnesota Vikings. These guys were pretty successful… 40 years ago. The last season they held the NFC title was 1976 and at that moment it was their 3rd time to win the NFC Championship. Well, the last time they appeared was in 2009, maybe a short break would be beneficial for the team.

Days of Former Glory

New Orleans Saints follow Los Angeles Rams with the same 5.00. Even if the beginning of their sport career wasn’t notable, the 2009 season was a historic one for the Saints. Winning a franchise-record 13(!) games, team qualified for Super Bowl XLIV and defeated the AFC champion Indianapolis Colt.

For the record, it’s the only Super Bowl championship they have won, and as it’s the only SB the Saints have appeared in, they join the New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the only three NFL teams to win their lone Super Bowl appearance.

Carolina Panthers went far away from its colleagues and has 8.50. These guys were successful in their first two years finishing in 1995, but had no another winning season until 2003, where they won the NFC Championship Game and reached Super Bowl losing to the New England Patriots. They returned to SB only in 2015 but lost to Denver Brocos.

East or West?

Turning back to “East or West” question, online betting sites in the US put eastern Philadelphia Eagles with 4.25 maximally close to western LA Rams with their 5.00. Both teams are undoubtedly strong and competitive: eastern Eagles won NFC Championship twice and Los Angeles Rams hold the NFC title for once, and it in no way diminishes Rams’ professionalism.

(source: Gridiron Now)

Los Angeles Rams won NFL Championships three times and considered as the 6th most valuable team with a $2.9 billion earnings. Philadelphia eagles are famous for its intense historical rivalry with New York Giants. It was ranked by NFL Network as the number one rivalry of all-time.

So, what about you? East or West? Move to Unibet Sportsbook and other online betting sites in the US to see the best NFL betting odds and bet on NFL Conference Winner Season 2017!

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