Euro 2016 Scout: Hungary Star Dzsudzsák Balázs


Posted: June 9, 2016

Updated: October 6, 2017

Hungary star Dzsudzsák has saved his national team on several occasions, but he’s been suffering in his clubs.

Online betting sites in Hungary clearly believe that Hungary star Dzsudzsák (pronounciation: Joo-jak) Balázs will be the Eastern European country’s best player in Euro 2016. It’s not too much of a risk to say so: free kick master Dzsudzsák scored many important goals for his national team and those all helped them to be able to qualify for the continental tournament – after a long break of 44 years!

He is one of the most celebrated Hungarian football stars, together with 40-year-old goalkeeper Gábor Király, 37-year-old midfielder Zoltán Gera and 28-year-old Ádám Szalai, who was raised at Real Madrid Castilla, however the latter one has been suffering in his clubs and his national team.

Hungary star Dzsudzsák started in Debrecen and was predicted a bright future…

Hungary star Dzsudzsák Balázs started his career in the second biggest city in Hungary, Debrecen. He played for the adult team at a pretty young age and stood out of the Hungarian league even as a teenager. He didn’t waste too much time in his hometown: Hungarian football star Dzsudzsák moved on to the next level the first occasion he had.

Afellay and Dzsudzsák

Afellay and Dzsudzsák at PSV (Photo: Nemzeti Sport)

PSV Eindhoven signed him in 2008. The young talent quickly became key member of the Dutch side and was among the top players together with Afellay. The Dzsudzsák’s career and Affellay’s career went on a different path: Afellay joined Barcelona in 2011. The Hungarian also decided it’s time to leave the Netherlands.

Despite the fact that Hungary star Dzsudzsák’s name was linked to several top European clubs including Valencia, Liverpool, Lazio, but even Real Madrid and Lille, who just won the Ligue 1 at the time, still Dzsdzsák’s next club was quite a surprise: he decided to join seemingly uprising Anji Makhachkala, where he was teammates with world class players like Barcelona star Samuel Eto’o and Real Madrid legend Roberto Carlos.

Dzsudzsák’s club career has been sinking ever since

I’m not going to be Captain Obvious, but after these long years, we can obviously declare that moving to Russia was the worst move that Hungary star Dzsudzsák could have made. He was on the sideline at Anji. He was one of the best Hungarian football players yet he wasn’t given the chance to prove his skills. He spent only half a season there and moved away the first chance he had.

It was in the January of 2012 that Dinamo Moscow purchased Hungary star Dzsudzsák Balázs for a transfer fee of €19 million. Thanks to this transfer, Dzsudzsák became the most expensive Hungarian football player ever. Online sportsbooks in Russia kept linking him to other clubs from Europe, until they were proved to be right.

Dzsudzsák’s next club was found in Turkey as he signed for Bursaspor in 2015. His price went by almost 12 times cheaper as his new transfer fee was only €1,6 million. One of the reasons behind this could be that his contract was about to expire and he was not going to extend it, but Dzsuzdsák’s performances at the Moscow-based side were not that convincing either.

Dzsudzsák free kicks paid out for Hungary, not so much for Bursaspor

Hungary star Dzsudzsák spent the season 2015/2016 in Turkey without any major achievements. However, he played an important part in his nation’s qualification for Euro 2016. Hungary captain Dzsudzsák Balázs is regarded the best free kick taker in Hungary. Not without a merit: his left leg is not only famous in Hungary, but also in the Netherlands. Unfortunately for him and his clubs, he didn’t have enough chances to show that skill of his in Russia or Turkey so far.

His last minute goals saved many points for Hungary during the qualification series. One of his most important goals is the one he scored against Romania: Hungary’s neighbour country was leading 1-0, and in case Hungary lost the game, they could have easily been knocked out of the race for Euro 2016 qualification.
However, Hungary captain Dzsudzsák received a free kick from some 25 meters away from the goal. Dzsudzsák’s free kick was perfect, Romanian goalkeeper Tatarusanu was beaten. That was the first goal Romania conceded in the Euro 2016 Qualification stage. They conceded only one more, against Finland.

Dzsudzsák’s next club could be in the United Arab Emirates…or Europe

Recently, online betting news in the United Arab Emirates has been linking Hungary star Dzsudzsák with a move to UAE based club, Al-Wahda. Free kick master Dzsudzsák is around 100% sure to leave Bursaspor this summer. Dzsudzsák’s next club is still unknown.

However, we can know one thing for sure: it would be a stupid move to sign for a new club before the Euro 2016 ends for him and his country. Should he perform well enough, and maybe he will get a contract from a team where he deserves to be and where he always should have belonged to: a top European club.

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