French Gambling Regulator and Anti-Doping Agency Could Merge

The French National Assembly received a bill, which proposes a merger of the country’s anti-doping agency and online gambling regulator.

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The upkeeper of French gambling laws – ARJEL, and anti-doping agency – AFLD, may be merging, if a bill put before the French National Assembly moves forward. The merger will potentially see the creation of an authority on the integrity of sport and online gambling – AISJEL.

After its first reading on July 26, the bill in question has been submitted to the National Assembly’s commission for cultural affairs and education for further scrupulous revision. If accepted the legislation proposal may create a strong agency to govern and regulate all that happens in online casinos in France as well as sportsbooks and everything that is connected with them.

The proposed bill contains the following words: “The creation of this new authority, with enhanced powers, would send a strong signal that France – which based on the international reputation of ARJEL – is confirming its role as a leader in the field of sports ethics. Such a transfer of power would be a significant measure of economy in times of crisis and would meet the need to reduce public spending.”

If created, the new authority will consist of a common body with two sanctioning commissions. One will be dedicated to online gambling, while the other will concentrate on ongoing fight with doping. French gambling news have learned that the new body will also be dealing with public protection in regards to the promotion of health and prevention of doping. Such a combination could “avoid duplication and thereby achieve further cost savings”.

The bill was drafted and proposed by Gerald Darmanin, an active member of the National Assembly’s commission for cultural affairs and education. It has already been back by twenty six colleagues of his. The legislation proposal has been successfully registered with the President of the National Assembly, and is currently awaiting a more thorough review.

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