Horrible Poker Myths – The Most Overstated Misconceptions


Posted: July 6, 2022

Updated: July 6, 2022

  • Don’t believe everything you hear
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  • Horrible poker myths

We have collected the most horrible poker myths. Because these misconceptions are often falsely portrayed in pop culture. Therefore, we are going to correct these assumptions about poker. Because it is one of the most common poker mistakes to fall for these invalid rumors. Furthermore, we are going to explain where these rumors come from. Therefore, you will understand where these misconceptions might come from.

However, this article is for those inexperienced in poker. Because rumors and horror stories can intimidate someone. Therefore, we also recommend that you check out our dictionary of online poker sites in the US. Because these websites are safe and are not associated with any form of scams or threats.

Poker Is Pure Gambling – Horrible Poker Myths

One of the most annoying and horrible poker myths is that poker is just gambling. Because sharing this false information will demotivate someone. Therefore, if you have never played poker or online poker. Then we are here to explain why poker is not pure gambling. Of course, it is a card game that involves gambling. However, there are many strategies you can acquire on multiple levels of play.

Because new players in poker are trying to find different ways to react to situations to win a table. However, most professional poker players have developed a strategy to balance out their wins and losses. Therefore, you have many levels of depth to learn before becoming a pro. However, luck only plays around one-third part in poker.

Online Poker Is Rigged

According to BW Disrupt, one of the main misconceptions about the iGaming industry is that these gambling games are rigged. Therefore, one of the most horrible poker myths states that online poker is rigged in favor of someone. That is completely false. However, there are websites on the internet that will seek to rig and scam you. However, we have already mentioned above that there are safe websites too.

Horrible Poker Myths
Picture Sourcce: Pixabay

Therefore, regulatory government bodies are ensuring that these licensed poker operators are legit. Because if someone is running a scam casino, then they are going to be fined by the government of the place of operation. Therefore, it is obvious that dictionaries such as ours, would not risk such penalties by including scam websites. If you are looking for the safest online poker experience, then we recommend Juicy Stakes.

The House Always Wins

This is one of the most horrible poker myths. The house always wins is an overused and misunderstood statement. Because many new poker players assume the meaning of this sentence wrong. Therefore, it is true. The house always wins. However, it is not about a poker table. Because this saying means that no matter how much you win, the casino will always profit. Therefore, this is truly just a smart way to say: “The casino calculates your winnings into their budget.” It makes sense because casinos are not going to give away $5 million if they do not have $5 million to give away.

However, they may attract thousands of players by giving away $1 million. Therefore, you will win eventually at casino tables. Furthermore, you may become rich by playing poker. Because casinos calculated your high wins to their budget. Just stay gambling aware and keep a budget too.

Old People Don’t Play Online – Horrible Poker Myths

There is a simple explanation for why this is one of the most horrible poker myths. Because the older you get, the more comfortable you want to be. Therefore, the majority of online poker players are older people. Because they are experienced, poker players. Furthermore, they are not chasing the vibe of a poker room. Therefore, all they want to do is to play their strategies and some cards to have fun.

Because once you have experienced the same social feeling over and over again, you will just want to be more comfortable eventually. Furthermore, many older people understand that playing online poker is just better, cheaper, and faster. Therefore, it comes with less drama and headaches, no parking lots, or annoying strangers.

Poker Requires Elegancy

We have reached the category where pop culture shaped these horrible poker myths. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be James Bond or Justin Timberlake to sit down and have some fun at a poker table. Of course, personal hygiene and clean clothes are a must. However, just look at the richest poker player of all time. According to WSOP, Phill Hellmuth is now a millionaire, enjoying his days of investment.

Horrible Poker Myths
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

However, if you look at him, he is far away from one of those movie stars who drinks whiskey in black tie dresses. Because he more than often just shows up in a silly tinted eyeglass and a bitcoin cap. Furthermore, he is the typical poker player when it comes to looks. However, if you wish to top your wardrobe game, then check out our article about the best dress code for a poker night

You Need Math Skills

Another item on the list of horrible poker myths. No, you don’t need a Ph.D. in Mathematics and numerology to be good at poker. However, there was a true story about a university math professor and his students who broke Las Vegas. Therefore, yes, math skills may help you understand the game better. However, these are often useless when you are playing alone.

Because these sequences need to be played with a group who is doing the same thing as you do. Therefore, math skills help you exploit the house. Furthermore, you can easily learn legal card counting strategies anytime. And don’t worry, you don’t need numbers and equations to fly around your head. Because the acting part is harder than the counting part.

Bluffing Is Mandatory – Horrible Poker Myths

This is the least troublesome among the horrible poker myths. Because it is true, bluffing is a part of poker. Therefore, it adds another layer of skill required to the game. However, it all depends on how you play the game. Because sometimes you will play a whole table without anyone bluffing. According to Casino City Times, it is one of the top poker myths to assume you need to lie. However, you should always be ready to bluff to take control of the situation. Therefore, it is a huge misconception that a table is all about lying and bluffing. Sometimes you don’t even need a poker face. Unless you are super expressive with your emotions.

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