How to Play EuroMillions Online?

Euro millions lotto online

This online lotto guide will teach you how to play EuroMillions online.

EuroMillions delivers some of the biggest lotto jackpots in Europe. It’s not just an opportunity to win a huge lottery jackpot, but is also a lot of fun and it’s easy to play. This is actually the simplest way to get you a shot at one of the biggest online lotto jackpots in Europe. Read through our online lottery guide to learn how to play EuroMillions online in a few minutes!

Play EuroMillions online at EuroLotto!

First of all, go to EuroLotto, which is a trustworthy operator offering online lotto in the EU. Then select ‘EuroMillions’ on the start page. Now you can see online lotto ticket, and you can start to pick your numbers using your winning combinations and lotto strategies, but not so fast! Okay, just joking, you can do it, it’s simple, but mind the other features too, since there is a lot of fun waiting for you!

Pick your EuroMillions winning numbers!

EuroMillions EuroLotto

On a EuroMillions lottery ticket you can fill up to six lines. This is a 5/50 lotto, so you have to pick 5 winning numbers between 1 and 50, plus two lucky stars from 1 to 11. You can do it manually, or you can generate your winning numbers randomly by one click on the “Randomize line” icon in the low-left corner of the line. By using that option, your 5/50 and your lucky stars numbers will all be filled automatically instantly. One line costs €3, so if you fill all your lines, you can have six shots at this huge lottery jackpot with one lottery ticket for only €18!

What are the Boosterball Bets?

When you play EuroMillions online, you can add some extra spice to your lotto experience, with an enhanced opportunity to win some money, of course! By clicking on the purple Boosterball icon, you turn on the Boosterball Bets option.

BoosterBalls Lotto EuroLotto
Here you can boost three of your numbers by placing a €1 to €10 bet in order to win 10 times the amount. So by activating this option, three correct numbers can earn you €1,000 to €10,000 instead of €12!

How can I win the EuroMillions jackpot?

First of all, after you filled in your ticket, don’t forget to go to the cart, select your payment method and complete the transaction to register your ticket that might just be your jackpot winning ticket. You will get a confirmation email after completing the transaction.

You become a lottery jackpot winner if all your numbers, including the lucky stars were drawn. However, you can win large sums even without hitting all of the lucky stars. 5 correct numbers plus 1 lucky star get you €310.751, while 5 main numbers 0 lucky star pays €51.792. Any hit down to 2 correct numbers pays a certain amount.

When are the EuroMillions draws?

Draws are on Tuesdays and Fridays. Before buying your lottery ticket online, you can choose whether you want to play the Tuesday or the Friday draw or both. You can also pick the exact date when you want to play.

Can I play with the same ticket every week?

  • Online lotto is easy and fast
  • Buy your tickets for a year in advance!
  • Play your favourite lotto games online!

Of course! EuroLotto has the option to subscribe up to a year in advance! You can subscribe for 4, 8 or 52 weeks in advance, and you can play with your favourite winning lotto combinations every week automatically. This means that if you play EuroMillions online, you can secure yourself a chance for every week to win the lotto jackpot with only one transaction. Is there a better thing than become a lottery winner despite forgetting about today’s draw?

How do I know that I have become a lottery winner?

If you won, you will receive an email about your lottery winnings, it is that simple.

Can I try EuroMillions for free?

Of course, you can! At EuroLotto every new players get a money back guarantee as a welcome bonus on their first play. What’s more awesome than to play EuroMilllions online and win a huge lottery jackpot for free?

What was the biggest EuroMillions jackpot?

EuroMillions was started back in 2004, and it generated a series of millionaires since with jackpots regularly topping €100,000,000. The biggest EuroMillions jackpot was €185.000.000, won by Colin and Christine Weir from Largs, Scotland.

For more on this recognized internet lotto site, red the EuroLotto review in our online lotto directory! Then join to play this great game of internet lotto in the UK and worldwide!

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