How To Prepare For The Olympics In Paris – Tickets, Booking, Bets


Posted: January 31, 2024

Updated: January 31, 2024

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  • How to prepare for the Olympics in Paris

In this article, we seek to teach you how to prepare for the Olympics in Paris. Meaning that we are going to provide you with some of the most interesting and important information regarding the event. Don’t miss out on the greatest Olympics in the whole century! Because French is going to give it all to bring not only a traditional but an international experience for everyone!

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Today we are going to discuss how to prepare for the Olympics in Paris. This year is going to be exceptionally special because France is going to do everything in their power to make this Olympics as memorable as it can be! We will see the Eiffel Tower lighting up with the colors of different nations. The whole street is going to turn into a traditional French market, where you can fully immerse yourself in the culture.

They are also implementing several other sports, meaning that we will have. If you are interested in betting on the event, then all you have to do is register at some of the online sportsbook sites in France to cast your bet! In this article, we are going to prepare you for the whole travel, ticket, and hotel options. Furthermore, we will give you an advanced guide on betting too!

Best Booking Deals – How To Prepare For The Olympics In Paris

First things first, one of the most important things is to prepare your booking plan. The key reason why you should do this first is due to the overwhelming demand, and the unpredictability of the commodity market. While the tickets are not always selling out at the Olympics event, the hotels are surely packed. You have to evaluate which one is valuable for you and your family. According to France24, you have six months before the event would begin. We have spent time to pick the most flexible hotels for the upcoming event: 

About the betting opportunities, you shouldn’t worry too much. You can just simply register at VAVE Sportsbook, which is fully legal and available in most regions, including France.

How to bet on the olympics today

A Ticket To The France Olympics In 2024

Now that you know how to prepare for the Olympics in Paris in terms of accommodation. Let us take a look at the ticket prices. The tickets are not going to sell out. However, there is always a chance that some of the celebrities will bring in a newfound energy for the crowd. According to the Paris Tickets, the prices will go as follows:

  • The starting price is €24 on sale.
  • However, the general public price is €50.
  • The prices may change according to the category.
  • Resale tickets are strictly prohibited outside of the official resale platform.
  • You may buy a maximum of 6 tickets per session. In total, you can buy 30 tickets.
  • You may have first class, A, B, C, D, and E category seats changing the prices.

Only you can evaluate the value of your ticket, because every single sport, event day, and family member might change the plan for your personalized experience.

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Don’t Miss Out! – How To Prepare For The Olympics In Paris

Don’t miss out on the Olympics. There are going to be countless events which will make the event much more saturated and personal for you! According to People, even Snoop Dogg is going to show up as the reporter for the event! This is going to join the list of top 7 funny facts about the Olympics. However, on top of that, you will have the general Olympics experience, dressed in the elegant and romantic French dressing. The following specialties will come your way:

  • Traditional French food, cuisine, snacks, and drinks on a huge romantic market display
  • The Eiffel tower in all of its colorful glory
  • A.I. managing the event and enhancing the performance of athlete training
  • Cycling and swimming will be especially interesting
  • French fashion and merchandise are everywhere!
  • A Renaissance faire experience outside of the arena

French culture at olympics

What Sports Will We See?

We are going to see a plethora of sports. We have a whole article called the Olympics 2024 preview. In this, we are teaching you how to prepare for the Olympics in Paris culturally! However, if you are interested in the featured sports, then some of the most interesting events among the usual will be:

  • Archery, athletics, badminton, basketball, basketball 3×3, boxing, canoe slalom, canoe sprint, road cycling, cycling track, mountain biking, BMX freestyle, BMX racing, equestrian, fencing, football, golf, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline, handball, hockey, judo, modern pentathlon, rowing, rugby, sailing, shooting, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, triathlon, volleyball, beach volleyball, diving, marathon swimming, artistic swimming, swimming, water polo, weightlifting and wrestling.

On top of that, we have four fully new sports on the plate: 

  • Breaking, sport climbing, skateboarding, surfing.

We are especially interested in the surfing Olympics!

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What To Bring? – How To Prepare For The Olympics In Paris

To avoid some of the most shocking Summer Olympics moments, we have to prepare with a few things. First things first, always bring your necessities with you. Do not have too much cash with you. While Paris is relatively safe, at the same time, we should never have our full budget in cash, in case something happens. Always have your hotel room locked. Bring a lot of water, and always eat before entering the event to avoid exhaustion.

It might be a rainy day, but the weather forecast is not available yet, so they tried to schedule a day that is usually fit for the weather. We still recommend you at least pack a raincoat and an umbrella, just in case. Preparing your passport and ID is a must, including your tickets. We recommend you arrive one or two days before your selected event. Because you want to soak in the French culture around the Arena.

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Where To Bet On The Olympics In France?

Now that you know how to prepare for the Olympics in Paris, we are fully confident that you are going to make the best decisions regarding booking and ticket picking! Make sure to always have your phone charged to the full. In that case, you may wager on the events, before the match.

Most of the sports betting sites are also going to feature live betting opportunities. There are so many different ways in which we can wager on the Olympics, that it would be hard to recommend a single category! If you are interested then we recommend you to register at VAVE Sportsbook! Their service is available in France and you will be able to find every single Olympics category, including a medal distribution bet as well!

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