How to Win Money on Online Roulette

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How to Win Money on Online Roulette

Online roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. The main difference between the online and real-life versions of the game is that there are no biased wheels online. However, is online roulette a pure game of luck or it’s possible to somehow increase chances of winning? Today, we are going to find out how to win money on online roulette.

How to win money on online roulette? – Balance winnings and losses!

There are plenty of betting options you can choose from while playing online roulette. Some people prefer betting on single or multiple numbers, while others like betting on odd or even, and red or black numbers.

For this betting method, you will need to place two equal bets every time, let’s say $10. Start from putting a bet on low numbers (1-18) and red numbers, $10 each. All the red numbers between 1 and 18 will give you a profit. Moreover, all the red numbers between 19 and 36 and all the black numbers between 1 and 18 will counterbalance your losses. Therefore, you practically cover half of all numbers, plus all red numbers. The only lose-lose situation is when you get a black number between 1 and 18. However, this wouldn’t happen all the time. Similar to the following strategies, even if you lost 2 or 3 consecutive spins, do not start chasing your losses and continue playing systematically.

The only drawback of this strategy is that you will need a larger amount of money to win quicker. However, even a small bet can help you to hit the jackpot.

The Martingale strategy

The Martingale strategy is probably one of the most well-known roulette systems. In a nutshell, this strategy is based on increasing your bets after each loss. This might not sound trustworthy, but let’s dig a little bit deeper on how to earn money on online roulette.

Firstly, you have to define a minimum bet, which will eventually double after each loss. For instance, a $1 bet. Then, you will need to wait until the roulette rolls the same color two times in a row and place a bet on the opposite color. Don’t try to chase your losses or increase bets recklessly. If you start from a $1 bet and lose 5 consecutive spins, 1+2+4+8+16, you will lose $31. And if you win the next $32 bet, your profit will be $1. Although this doesn’t sound impressive, these systems allow you to get small winnings while avoiding losses. You can always increase a minimum bet for a quicker play, or continue playing with a smaller bet. Luckily, the minimum bet in online casino sites in Australia can be $0,01.

The Anti-Martingale strategy

The Martingale Strategy is based on the idea that you will eventually neutralize your losses. However, not everyone will be able to double their bet after 10 consecutive losses. According to this strategy, you will need to double your bet every time you win and reduce it every time you lose. Although this system doesn’t guarantee that you will earn a lot of money, it will definitely help to cut your losses once you have started loosing.

How to Win Money on Online Roulette
To succeed in online gambling you must follow a strategy

The Triplets Strategy

In this strategy, the general idea is that you always bet three times. You should bet either red or black, the color is up to your choice. However, keep in mind that once you have picked a color, you should not change it in a midstream.

Overall, there are three different outcomes that depend on how many times you Win (W) or Loose (L): WWL or WWW;  WLL; LLL. In the first case, you will need to flap bet. If you have the WLL outcome, raise your bet by one unit. In case of LLL,  raise your bet by two units. After you have started playing, create a table, so you won’t forget the sequence:

Win or Loose Unit size Subtotal Winnings
WWW 1 +3 3
LLL 1 -3 0
LLL 3 -9 -3
WWW 5 + 1 extra 16 7

Let’s imagine that your minimum unit size is $10 and after the first round, you hit all three wins, earning $30. This means, that you don’t increase your next bets and put +3 into the winnings section. During the second sequence, you get three losses. According to the rules, every time you get 3 losses, you raise your units by 2. Now, you should place three $30 bets.

Recovery Maneuvers

However, let’s imagine that you get LLL again. You add 3 as your unit size, and -9 in a subtotal section and your winnings are -3. Again, according to the rules you raise your last bet by 2 units. But in order to recover, you can raise your first spin by an extra unit. Therefore, if you win 3 times you will get a 16 subtotal (6+5+5), and +7 winnings. Besides, don’t forget to note each time you add or cease an extra unit, as a recovery maneuver. As you can see, even if you have a few unlucky spins, just continue following the strategy and you will eventually start to win. Therefore, if you want to learn how to win money on online roulette, the most important thing is always to not loose your head.

How to find a trustworthy online casino

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