Innovation Drives Illegal Cricket Betting in India

Recent publication in Bangalore Mirror suggests Indian police is losing the fight against illegal cricket betting.

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In the country with a significant portion of population crazed about cricket, betting on sports is outlawed for the most parts. Indian gambling laws only allow such activities in some states and under strict supervision.

We all know that if there’s a will – there will be a solution. The recent method to dupe the cops and still bet on sports in India are Goonga cards. This is a mere codename for SIM cards spread around by underground bookmakers among their vast network of agents.

According to India gambling news the Goonga SIM cards are offered to close associates and friends of bookies and are then sold at exuberant prices for one purpose only – illegal mobile betting. So far, police failed to find a countermeasure to this method.

One bookmaker reportedly told the media: “A few minutes before the match begins, we switch on the mobile and then start getting either SMSs or calls on it. There is no conversation and the messenger either calls from an unknown number or keeps changing his number.”

He went on to add: “My job is to convey the latest rate to those who place bets and they put their money on the match accordingly. If the bookie who has sent me this card grows suspicious of me, he will make the SIM dysfunctional.”

The use of Goonga cards comes with a monthly fee from the bookmaker, and in case it’s not paid the service is simply turned off. The SIM cards belong to various wireless carriers, which usually have no idea what their cards are being used for.

Law enforcement is confident a solution will be found in the near future. A spokesman for the police force revealed that they know about the Goonga card tactic. However, it’s extremely difficult to stay on top of the situation as bookies change their cards and numbers quite frequently.

The police spokesman shared: “We have zeroed in on a few bookies who indulge in this illegal business. However, big fishes at whose behest they operate are yet to be tracked down. We have chalked out a special plan and have also been in touch with the mobile companies. By the time tournaments peak we hope to make a big breakthrough by catching a few key bookies.”

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