Will KINGZONE DragonX Lead the LoL World Championship 2018 Outright Odds?

LoL World Championship 2018 Outright Odds

KINGZONE DragonX had an impressive run so far in LCK 2018 Spring Split, dominating one of the toughest leagues in the World. Does that mean they deserve to be top candidates for winning LoL World Championship 2018 outright odds?

If you are an esport fan then you must be following closely the League of Legends Champions Korea as the toughest championship in the world. According to online sportsbooks in South Korea KINGZONE DragonX solidified themselves as Korea’s best team in 2018 Spring Split so far, and they already booked their ticket to the final in Busan. This is just the first test in 2018, but KINGZONE DragonX are keeping an eye on becoming one of the top teams in LoL World Championship 2018 outright odds.

LCK 2018 Spring Split

Korea remains the region where best teams are playing in League of Legends. Three out of five world champions are Korean teams. In 2017, three-time world champions SK Telecom reached the final to be defeated by the Samsung Galaxy before Samsung were acquired by the Korean KSV esports.

All of KSV esports, SK Telecom and KINGZONE DragonX are top Korean teams playing in the LCK 2018 Spring Split. KSV esports and SK Telecom are now competing in the playoffs, while KINGZONE DragonX are waiting to compete in the final after they overwhelmingly dominated the regular season, winning 16 matches and losing only twice.

LoL World Championship 2018 outright odds

Online sportsbooks in South Korea expect KINGZONE DragonX to win again League of Legends Champions Korea, after winning the 2017 summer split under the old name of Longzhu Gaming. The expectations are based their dominance of the current scene, their good team spirit, and the relentless practicing they do on daily basis.

Even if KINGZONE DragonX outplay either KSV esports or SK Telecom in the Spring Split final, they will probably meet again in the World Championship, as they did in 2017 in the quarter-finals with Samsung Galaxy, when KINGZONE DragonX encountered three straight defeats.

It remains to be seen if KINGZONE DragonX will manage to win the world championship, but what seems to be certain is that Korean teams will once again dominate the World Championship finals as they will play on their home turf somewhere in September. You can already choose the region of the winner at Betsafe Sportsbook. South Korea is the favourite with (1.28) odds, while China is the second with (5.50) odds, and Europe is third placed with (15.00) odds.

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