Klopp the Ordinary One at Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp the Ordinary One signs to Liverpool

Liverpool unveiled Jurgen Klopp the Ordinary One as their new manager on Friday.

• ‘Klopp the Ordinary One’ tag might stick
• The German wants to win the title in four years
• Full-throttle football is expected

German people have no sense of humour. This is a preconception and it was justified way too many times. However, when you meet people like F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel you might have to revise your idea about Germans. Alright, some of them might appear to try too hard to be funny, but they also have the real funny guys in Germany as well. Or on Merseyside, when they come across to manage a football team like Klopp the Ordinary One just did.

Klopp was unveiled for the press on Friday as the Reds’ new manager, after agreeing a three-year deal. Since Brendan Rodgers was sacked on Sunday, the German was strong favourite at online sportsbooks in the UK to become the next Liverpool manager and his online betting odds were shortening constantly. Then he was confirmed on Thursday, and made his entrée on Friday morning.

Klopp the Ordinary One aims championship title in four years

Referring to Jose Mourinho’s tag, ‘the Special One’ the Portuguese came up with for himself when he took over Chelsea 11 years ago, Klopp identified himself as ‘the Ordinary One’. Since he mentioned this in a half-English, half-German press conference, his tag could be also interpreted as ‘the Normal One’, however, since that one was taken by Avram Grant who succeeded Mourinho at Chelsea, maybe Klopp the Ordinary One should stick.


“The biggest challenge in football”

These self-made tags could be pretty good oracles, at least at Chelsea. Mourinho really had become the Special One by winning back-to-back titles with the Blues and Grant did okay while at Stamford Bridge. And Andre Villas-Boas, who jokingly mentioned when he was presented as the new Chelsea manager, that he could end up as ‘the Shit One’, left after eight months with a 48% game winning ratio, the worst on the Blues’ bench in the last 20 years…

And now we got Klopp the Ordinary One, who aims for a title victory in four years. That is far from being overambitious, that is just ordinary. As soon as he got to grips with English football, and things start to click, this might happen. After all, Rodgers almost won the trophy in his second season at Liverpool, though not many mobile betting players expected that when he was appointed in 2012.

So, Klopp sees himself as an ordinary German guy, who came in to do his job and who only goes mad along the sidelines. Still, he has a strong personality which was evident in his first press conference as the manager of Liverpool football club, when he asked the photographers to flash less because he wants to concentrate on talking about football. He will need this kind of authority when he will explain Gegenpressen to Daniel Sturridge…

Klopp wants full-throttle football at Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp This is Anfield sign

There is no need to explain him about Liverpool’s traditions

However he also emphasized that he won’t implement a possession game instantly. His approach probably convinced Liverpool owners, FSG quickly, and they should be relieved that they won’t have another manager who is obsessed with his footballing philosophy so much that he ends up getting lost in his own football labyrinth. Klopp the Ordinary One said that he enjoys watching possession football when it is played by the biggest sides in the world. But he pressed that he will start to build up an efficient defensive game first, and the rest will come after that.

He said that Liverpool is not the best club in the world, but it could be tomorrow. He asked doubters to become believers. Klopp promised full-throttle football that is passionate and played from the heart. He is just like that, he loves football and the people on Merseyside shall love him for that. Klopp also said that he is impressed by Liverpool’s talented squad, and he came in to work with these guys. He jokingly added that if he saw a group of players with poor qualities, he never joined the club.

The 48-year-old also had a reference to Bill Shankly’s most famous line in his first interview for Liverpool’s official website. Shankly said, “Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.”

Klopp had it that way: “football is not so important – we don’t save lives or things like that, we are not doctors. It’s our job to let them [the fans] forget their problems for 90 minutes and then they can talk for three days about the last game and talk for two days about the next game.”

”The Normal One” is a funny and likable guy

This is pretty much what the people of Liverpool wanted to hear. But this is not just PR talk, this is Klopp the Ordinary One, and he had the same approach in Dortmund where he won the Bundesliga twice with a side that was inferior to its rivals.

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So, what do you say?

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