2021 Leinster Championship Passion with Leinster Championship Betting Odds

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Leinster Championship betting odds
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All curious sport bettors know that on 27 June and 04 July in the province of Ireland there will be exciting Gaelic Football matches in the context of the Leinster Championship. Are you ready for the Leinster Championship with four matches that are full of speed, precision, accuracy and intensity? Why not be part of the upcoming Gaelic Football passion by Leinster Championship betting odds? 

Gaelic Football Matches with exciting features for sport bettors

When you say Gaelic Football and see the word football, maybe you guess it is the game with football. However, it is not. Gaelic Football is a little bit different from football with its H shaped goals, the pitch similar but bigger than rugby pitch and special rules. Firstly, differ from football in this game the players use both hands and feet to control and pass the ball which makes it specific. Moreover, the game is played between two teams which consists of 15 players. Each of these teams score by kicking or punching through or over the goals. So, if the ball is sent over the bar of the goals, this equates to one point. However, the team will get three points if the ball goes under the bar, into the goalmouth. Which teams get high scores will be winners in other sports.

As seen, they are different sport games with specific rules, features even equipment. All these interesting features attract sport bettors and fans attention thought out the years. What about you? Have you ever bet on any matches of Gaelic football? Do you want to bet on this interesting game and earn money? If yes, you will easily get aware of Gaelic football games and odds by visiting online sportsbook sites in Ireland which will provide you the best sport betting sites. Moreover, if you need more info about other championships of Gaelic Football here is the other article. So, what about the Leinster Championship that we are going to bet?

Leinster Championship Betting Odds: Four Different Chances with Four Matches

What kind of competition is the Senior Championship and which teams have more successful performances? For being successful in Leinster Championship betting odds, let’s get familiar and analyze upcoming matches and competing teams. So, the Leinster Championship is an annual inter-county Gaelic football competition and its organizer is the Leinster Council of the Gaelic Athletic Association. Actually, as the highest inter-county Gaelic football competition in the province of Leinster, its history goes back to the end of XIX century. Currently eleven teams participate in the Leinster Championship. So, what is the qualification for the tournament and what kind of format it has?

Leinster Championship betting odds
Defence Forces Vs BOI Gaelic Football at Semple – Stadium – Irish Defence Forces from Ireland, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Actually, qualification for the All-Ireland Championship will change for the upcoming championship. The main reason is the creation of a tier 2 championship known as the Tailteann Cup. According to the Irish Examiner, the Leinster champions will automatically qualify for the All-Ireland Super 8s. The teams that failed to reach the final will qualify for the previously mentioned Tailteann Cup. However, all other teams from Division 1 and 2 will progress to the All-Ireland Qualifiers.

So, as a single elimination tournament, participating teams have only one chance. This means, each team is afforded only one defeat. If the team loses once they are eliminated from the championship. So, in the first round 6 teams enter and the winner of this round goes to quarterfinals. In semi-finals compete 4 winners from the quarterfinals which the winner teams go to final round. Which teams in the Leinster Championship betting odds could reach this round? Let’s look at teams’ achievements based on their scheduled matches in June and July.

Competing Teams with Achievements in Leinster Championship Betting Odds

So, the first match will be between Offaly and Louth on 27 June at the Tailteann Park. If you want to get aware of the odd and other exciting matches you can visit   1xBET Sportsbook and get all needed info related to upcoming matches. For being successful in Leinster Championship betting odds, let’s look at the team’s performances. Thus, the team represents Offaly in men’s Gaelic football and competes in the three major annual inter-county competitions. According to the team’s record, their last win was in the Leinster Senior Championship in 1997. Do you think Offaly can defeat Louth and go to final matches? You can decide this after getting familiar with the opponent team’s performance. So, compared to Offaly, the Louth won the Leinster Senior Championship in the fifties. Yes, it was a long time ago. So, what do you think? Offaly or Louth?

Leinster Championship betting odds
Defence Forces Vs BOI Gaelic Football at Semple Stadium – Irish Defence Forces from Ireland, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The same day but a different time Wicklow and Wexford will play at the Joule Park Aughrim (Aughrim). As previous teams Wicklow also competed in the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship, the Leinster Senior Football Championship and the National Football League. However, unfortunately, the team has never won any of these leagues. Yes, actually, the opponent team, Wexford, has been the winner once, but it was a long time ago. So, it would be interesting to watch the matches and see which team will win while they have similar opportunities. Maybe you can look at the general performance of the teams during the year for making more accurate predictions.

Which Teams Have Recent Successful Results?

So, the third match will be between Longford and Carlow at the Bord Na Mona O’Connor Park (Tullamore). Actually, both of the teams don’t have recent victories in the Leinster Senior Championship. Do you think after a long time the teams can get a reasonable place in the League? Why not express your opinion on upcoming matches by clicking   1xBET Sportsbook?

Yes, we have to talk about the last scheduled match between Westmeath and Laois on 04 July at the Bord Na Mona O’Connor Park (Tullamore). Differ from previously mentioned teams, Westmeath and Laois have successful results in 2003-2004, respectively. Which of these teams can repeat the victory after nearly 17 years? So, you can use the power of info and inner gut for successful betting and earning money. Why not take the opportunity once a year and get benefit? The way is your…

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