New Poker Game From Full Tilt Poker Goes Live

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Full Tilt Poker launched their new Adrenaline Rush fast fold poker games, which are an even faster variation their already popular Rush games.

The games feature betting restricted at 10 big-blinds. The buy-ins range from 5 to 10 big blinds with all the betting in the hand taking place before the flop. The good news is that there is no room for “calling stations” in most of the cases, giving players more freedom with raise or fold options.

The new games offer a lot of extra options to players

International online poker lovers can also make the game faster using Raise Max and Quick Fold options. Players who select Raise Max will automatically go in for the largest amount possible right at the moment when the action reaches them. Additionally if a gambler selects Quick Fold they will be directed to a new table immediately.

Sarne Lightman, Head of marketing at Full Tilt Poker, commented: “Full Tilt Poker players love the thrill and excitement of fast-paced, quick-fold action, and Adrenaline Rush pushes the envelope on speed and excitement.”

He added: “The name reflects the kind of emotional state the game delivers; it’s even faster than our original Rush Poker so you can pack in even more hands per hour, win even more pots and play against an even larger number of players.”

Full Tilt Poker is renowned for their troubles with American gambling laws that started in 2011. The consequences of “Black Friday” are slowly fading away as online poker is making its way back to the US.

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