New York Casino Plans Under Threat

Brooklyn Lawyer Tables Challenge to New York Casino Referendum Under the State Open Meetings Law

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Plans for a casino in New York may come under threat, as Brooklyn lawyer Eric Snyder has claimed that the casino referrendum is illegal. As the rest of the country gears up for the first American internet casinos, New York may be stuck without even a land based one, should Snyder’s challenge be upheld.

With American gambling laws placing the burden for gambling legislation at the feet of individual states, New York governor Andrew Cuomo has been pushing for licensing in the state. As such, a referendum was written and passed by the New York Board of Elections, ready to be put to public vote on November 5th.

However, Snyder claims that changes were made to the referendum in private and without asking the Board of Elections to vote on the changes. If this is the case, then it would violate New York state’s Open Meetings Law. The changes to the wording promised more employment opportunities, tax cuts, and increased aid for schools in the US state.

Should Snyder’s claims be upheld, it would be a pretty major piece of gambling news, and one that would send cheer to Atlantic City casino bosses. Tourism to Atlantic City is already on the wane, with a number of casinos closing down or struggling badly. The potential casino in New York City was seen as a major obstacle for future growth in casino revenue throughout New Jersey.

As such, the state have moved quickly, and the first online casino in the US will open in New Jersey on November 5th. With competition from other states, Nevada and Delaware, this was something of a coup, and the news coming out of New York will take on even greater significance should Snyder be proved right. The Board of Elections has asked for the case to be thrown out, however, after a 14 day deadline was allegedly missed.

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