PokerStars Matches $1 to $1 Donation For CARE’S Vanuatu Cyclone Emergency Fund

Vanuatu cyclone

PokerStars fans are asked to join in to give some precious help to the nation of Vanuatu to recover and repair and for every dollar given, a dollar will be matched.

Following the onslaught of a cyclone that ravaged Vanuatu, over 90% of buildings have been destroyed in the capital. PokerStars is appealing to the online poker community to make a contribution and thus make a difference to people’s lives whose belongings and livelihood were completely destroyed.

PokerStars, the leading poker operator, who also organizes popular tournaments under EU gambling laws, is calling on all those kind and caring poker fans out there to give a donation to help rebuild the country, to feed and clothe the victims, of this terrible natural disaster. PokerStars and its sister company, Full Tilt will match $1 for $1 the amount donated by players and staff through FPPs in the VIP Store or cash though CARE.

Giving $20 to the homeless, hungry and terrified of Vanuatu could go a long way.

CARE has its workers on site doing the best they can. We know that you want to help to get the families back on their feet and for them to become self-sufficient once again. And just like Poker, it takes guts to make the next move. But we know you have the guts and the poker family spirit to help those in need.

PokerStars is appealing through gambling news media worldwide to give even $20 to pay for emergency supplies such as water purification and hygiene kits to give to families, left desolate and isolated by the recent cyclone.

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