Premier League’s New TV Rights Deal Falls Shorts of Expectations

Premier League’s New TV Rights Deal Falls Shorts of Expectations

BT Sport and Sky Sports have won the rights to broadcast Premier League matches for another three seasons (2019-2022) for £4.464bn, which, although is still among the most lucrative football league broadcast deal, comes up short to the previous £5.1bn deal that’s currently running until the end of the next season. According to online sportsbook news, speculations are doing the rounds that football’s most popular league has suffered a “bubble burst” due to the shortfall in future revenues.

The Premier League could still make more than previous three years with overseas money

Dan Jones, Deloitte’s head of sports business group, highlighted how the financial package for upcoming three-year deal (2019-22) bid jointly by BT and Sky won’t make up for the lost money considering the lower than expected TV rights deal.

“I don’t think that those two packages by themselves are going to bridge the gap between what the domestic rights were sold for last time and what they’re going for this time,” said Jones.

Despite being set to receive less revenues in the next three-year period, the Premier League will likely make more from other sources, as the £4.464bn deal only accounts for domestic TV rights. The last time the chiefs of England’s top tier division of football negotiated an overseas deal it saw them make around £3bn on top of their domestic revenues. Premier League’s TV rights that are sold internationally are not negotiated on any set day, but are rather distributed region by region so the financial agreements can vary.

But the point is that there is no bubble in the Premier League, as it’s still the richest football competition in the world, despite experiencing a drop in revenues over the next cycle. And that’s exactly what this is – a cycle. Just like football clubs and league go through ebbs and flows, the Premier League is also going through its own cycle. After the upcoming deal (2019-22) comes to an end, we wouldn’t be surprised if the contract after that will be considerably bigger than the £5.1bn deal negotiated that’s still currently in effect.

Bet on the Premier League – the richest league in the world

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Premier League TV rights

Thanks to this innovative graph, you don’t need a PhD in economics to understand what’s going on (source: BBC)

As the Premier League slowly reaches its conclusion, Man City are shaping up to be the virtual champions – they’re still in first position on the table with a staggering 72 points, finding themselves 16 points clear off second-placed Man United. And with all the other sides so far behind, we don’t see anyone else usurping Pep Guardiola’s plans of conquering the Premier League this campaign.

Bet365 Sportsbook is offering super favourite odds for the Sky Blues to win the league outright 1/1000 (1.001), with every other side practically an outsider: Man United 150/1 (151.00), Liverpool 200/1 (201.00), Tottenham 250/1 (251.00) and Chelsea 250/1 (251.00).

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