Rico v Jamal Best Betting Odds: Glory Redemption Countdown

Rico v Jamal Best Betting Odds

A new challenger for Glory heavyweight championship is due to give his shot to the title at the year-end show on Saturday, Dec 9. Let’s take a look at the Glory Redemption Rico v Jamal best betting odds.

The world’s premier kickboxing league final event will take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands, featuring a rematch between the heavyweight world champion Rico “The King of Kickboxing” Verhoeven, and No. 4-ranked Jamal “The Goliath” Ben Saddik. The biggest names in kickboxing will renew a rivalry that stems back to 2011. Will the Moroccan-Belgian giant Ben Saddik be able to knockout Verhoeven again, as he did back in 2011? Many online sportsbooks in Netherlands assume it’s highly unlikely to happen. However let’s take a look who has better chances to win. Let us check Rico v Jamal best betting odds.

Verhoeven is Likely to Retain Heavyweight Title

The current Glory heavyweight champion is one of the most accomplished heavyweight kickboxers of all time. His run of dominance inside the Glory ring includes a 14-fight winning streak and five successful title defenses against the world’s best fighters. The Dutch Rico Verhoeven’s last debut was only 1 ½ month ago, when he defeated Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva after 47 seconds into the second round.

Ricov v Jamal best betting odds

Ricov (source: Omroep Brabant)

A younger Verhoeven has previously clashed with Ben Saddik at “It’s Showtime” in 2011. He lost by a second round TKO (corner stoppage) back then. However, Verhoeven’s career would rocket on from that loss, seeing him crowned as Glory’s heavyweight champion after defeating legends of the sport like Badr Hari, Peter Aerts, Daniel Ghita (twice), and Gokhan Saki. The 28 years old champion looks like he is still fit to keep the title at least for another year.

Ben Saddik Mental Toughness and Knockout Art

The 26-year old Ben Saddik is well known for his knockout art. He won four fights in a row and six of his last seven. His record holds 32 wins, 26 of which ended by knockout, and 6 losses. Yet some of his tough competitions, battling against Peter Aerts and Daniel Ghita were totally unsuccessful.

However, according to online sportsbook news Ben Saddik holds mental toughness, which might give him the advantage in the next fight. Ben Saddik have been fighting cancer a couple of times in recent years, with his most recent battle being earlier this year. His mental strength may lead him to victory.

Rico v Jamal Best Betting Odds on a Walkover for Verhoeven

For sure it will be an exciting and fierce fight that we all must follow. However, online betting sites in Netherlands seem to be widely settled on who is to be the winner. They are in favor of Verhoeven’s successful run to beat Ben Saddik on the rematch.

If you have passion for Verhoeven, then we recommend you to visit Vbet Sportsbook, where you can find Rico v Jamal best betting odds, which are highly in favorite of Verhoeven’s victory. At Vbet Sportsbook the odds are 1.17 for Verhoeven to retain his Glory heavyweight championship title, while they are 4.42 for Ben Saddik to emerge as a new champion.

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