Top 5 Best Casinos in Brazil Every Gambler Must Visit

  • Betting on horse racing is in favor among Brazilians
  • Tourists usually combine gambling with a comfortable stay
  • You can also find traditional casinos in Brazil
Top 5 Best Casinos in Brazil
Here are a few amazing places where you can gamble in Brazil

If you are planning your holiday trip to Brazil, you should not miss the chance to enjoy its casinos. Besides carnivals and natural attractions, this exotic country can amaze you with high-class casinos you will definitely like. We defined the best casinos in Brazil in its different cities that are worth your attention. 

Gambling is not completely legal in Brazil but it doesn’t stop people from gambling. The top casinos in Brazil work without any struggles and offer their visitors the highest service. Here you can enjoy everything, up to horse racing as a favorite kind of gambling among Brazilians. So, it’s time to take a look at top-5 best casinos in Brazil! 

Best casinos in Brazil #5: Hipodromo de Cristal

Hipodromo de Cristal is one of the most important places for Brazilian gamblers. As casinos are mostly banned in the country, the easiest way to win money is horse betting. The stadium in Porto Alegre is one of the oldest centers of racing.

You can come and bet on your favorite horse every Thursday. The most major event that takes place at Hipodromo de Cristal is the Grande Premio Bento Goncalves. It is hosted every November, so you still have time to book a trip to Brazil. 

Best casinos in Brazil #4: Resort Monte das Oliveiras

The luxurious resort in Joanopolis near Sao Paulo offers its guests a truly nice place to stay & gamble. Monte das Oliveiras suits perfectly for a lonely stay or family trip, as it has a lot of outdoor and indoor activities. Children can enjoy their stay in pools and game zones, while adults are invited to the hotel’s casino. 

The casino at Resort Monte das Oliveiras isn’t big, but quiet and well-designed. Slots and card games are options that will allow tourists to earn some money during their stay. You can also try online casinos in Brazil right from the local gambling place monitors or your own laptop.

Interested in online gambling? Try Omni Slots, one of the most popular gambling sites in Brazil.

Best casinos in Brazil #3: Amambay Hotel & Casino

Amamaby Hotel & Casino complex is a place in Ponta Pora, where you can combine gambling with a comfortable stay. The quiet area just on the country’s border with Paraguay will give you an opportunity to enjoy casino games far from noise and bustle. Besides gambling, here you can try pools, sports games and local cuisine at your choice. 

The casino at Amamaby Hotel offers a standard range of gambling opportunities. They include numerous slots and gambling machines, card tables, and roulettes. You can try gambling with your friends at the private party or enjoy it on your own. The casino is easily accessible from the hotel, so you don’t even have to change your pajamas to play games. 

Best casinos in Brazil #2: Hipodromo da Gavea

This famous racehorse in Gavea near Rio is the best place to enjoy gambling as Brazilians usually do. Horse racing is one of the favorite sports of locals, while Hipodromo da Gavea is the best stadium to get familiar with this sport. Its capacity of 80000 people and a perfect location makes it easy to reach the hippodrome any time.

Besides enjoying horse racing, you can obviously bet on your favorite. Try your luck at Hipodromo da Gavea as long as you wish. Fresh cocktails from the indoor bar will cool your enthusiasm if needed or, on the contrary, make it higher.

Best casinos in Brazil #1: Cassinera in São Paulo

Cassinera is one of the best country’s casinos according to online casino news sites in Brazil. The gambling company occupies the heart of Sao Paulo and is remarkable by setting up its casinos at any event. You can organize a gambling night with a traditional Brazilian identity at your birthday, bachelor’s party or office outing.

The casino offers a wide range of gambling opportunities. Here you can enjoy cards, roulettes, crap games, slot machines and mix it with parties. While gambling, you will enjoy dances of Brazilian ladies in traditional costumes to national music, try delicious specials and fully feel the spirit of the country.

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