Trader from 3Red Group Uses Complex Algorithms to Bet on HFL

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David Frohardt-Lane decides to make use of a different betting system, as he attempts to make his algorithm a viable solution for NFL games.

Frohardt-Lane uses complex math equations in his everyday work at 3Red Group, which a financial firm based out in Chicago. However, the trader realized that he could transfer his knowledge and expertise skills to sports, namely the National Football League (NFL).

• Frohardt-Lane uses unique algorithm to win big at NFL

• The trader used to previously do the same with MLB

• He won a total of $557,850 with his system

Frohardt-Lane aims to use his know-how to see a repeat title success at the Las Vegas Hotel SuperBook’s Super Contest. According to mobile betting sites this is an NFL betting competition that lasts throughout the entire football season, and has registered a total of 1,200 people for this year’s tournament.

The lucky winner gets to take home a massive $600,000 prize, while the total prize pool is close to a cool $2 million. The competition is starting tonight when the NFL has its first game of the season, Seattle Seahawks versus Green Bay Packers.

SuperContest is highly exciting

Frohardt-Lane explains the thrill and sheer joy that he experiences when he gets to be a part of the highly exciting competition. “I enjoy my job quite a bit, but nothing compares to an unexpected breakaway touchdown just when you’ve given up on a game. For that rush, nothing compares to sports gambling.”

Frohardt-Lane was previously a baseball handicapper, however he decided to forgo that pursuit in 2003 once the US gambling laws kicked in regarding certain gaming activities. He was also looking to concentrate on a career in finance which later landed in the job at 3Red Group, where the 37-year-old has now been working at for a number of years.

Taking into account that the NFL schedule is more flexible and serves his needs far better than Major League Baseball (MLB), Frohardt-Lane has managed to amass a small fortune with his exploits. His successful statistical model has earned him a total of $557,850 in the Super Contest in last season alone.

Players that take part in the Super Contest have to pay a fee of $1,500 to enter the tournament. These individuals are commonly referred to as “sharps,” amateurs and “squares.” They have to make a total of five picks against the point spread for each of the 17 NFL weeks that the season contains.

Correct selections reward players with points, while the bettor with the most points at the end of the season win the competition. The game is in its 27th year of operations and has also managed to set a fourth consecutive year for having a record number of participants.

The competition has developed rapidly in recent times

Jay Kornegay, vice president of race and sports operations at the LVH SuperBook, commented on the rapid pace that the competition has evolved from a small unit. “That is something we never thought would be possible just a couple years ago.”

Players can also make proxy picks for the weeks in question and the contest rewards the top 30 finishers. RJ Bell, founder of handicapping website Pregame based out of Las Vegas, highlighted that Super Contest is the most popular and biggest competition of its sort. “It’s by far the biggest prize pool and it’s renowned as the handicapping championship.”

Gambling news reports that wins are worth one point, while ties give out half a point. Frohardt-Lane submitted a winning combination of 55-26-4, which indicates a success rate of 67.9 percent, for 57 points. He secured the final play of the year with half a point, when San Francisco beat the Arizona Cardinals.

Frohardt-Lane recalls the nerve-racking moment when he had to endure a highly stressful three hours of the game. “I was refreshing my iPhone every 30 seconds for three hours. Even as things were going my way, I was getting sicker and sicker all day long, imagining all these worst-case scenarios.”

On a previous occasion Frohardt-Lane won $75,000 at the Cantor Gaming event, after which he decided to donate the money to GiveWell, a non-profit company that evaluate other charities.

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