Unlucky Vehicle Numbers – Don’t Bet On These Numbers To Work


Posted: December 5, 2023

Updated: December 5, 2023

  • Numbers are not used for your car
  • Number 13 in F1 and Nascar
  • Unlucky vehicle numbers

We have collected the most dangerous, unlucky vehicle numbers. These are not going to complete your car. Rather, if anything it adds a layer of uncertainty to your actions. Furthermore, some numbers are going to make you look like a tool if you drive them around in a place where the language translates these numbers into something terrible.

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Ever felt like you are just unlucky, no matter what you do? Perhaps you went into the casino, and you lost every single game. Your date decided to call it off just when you stepped out of the car. Or perhaps, you just don’t seem to ever arrive at the store in time before a long line blocks you from your beloved me-time. Well, have you ever heard about the unlucky vehicle numbers?

Maybe you are the proud (and not so lucky) owner of one! In this article, we are going to review some of the superstitions around numbers and numerology. This way, we can decide whether it is time for you to change that number plate or not. And if you don’t want to drive around to casinos? Just register at any of the online gambling sites in the US.

The Number 13 – Unlucky Vehicle Numbers

Let’s start with something you have probably figured out on your own. According to Motorsport, both F1 and Nascar have been fighting their superstitions for years. Therefore, there were no cars with the number 13 on it. It is pretty common in sports and all fields of life that owners decide to skip 13. This number is associated with bad luck, bad omen, and many other terrible things.

However, this does not have any scientific basis. Nowadays, people are driving their number 13 around as if it were their treasured price. However, what if it brings them bad luck? We can never know, and it is better to avoid number 13 in all aspects of your life. Just take a look at the best NASCAR cars ever made. Most of them avoided number 13, and it worked better than using it, right? To be able to bet on motorsports, register at VAVE Sportsbook.

The number of the beast

1358 And 4444

Moving on to the next item, we have the 1358 and the number 4444. But why are these numbers so bad? Well, let’s start with 1358. It already starts badly with 13 going into the headline. Also, 58 is just giving one of the worst vibes. However, there is a linguistic reason why you shouldn’t pick these. According to the Motorist, these two numbers have the following meaning:

  • 1358 = “Whole Life Won’t Prosper”
  • 4444 = “Die, Die, Die, Die”

As you can see, these are clearly among the unlucky vehicle numbers. And even if you just don’t believe in superstitions. I am sure that people who speak Mandarin will believe you picked these foul things intentionally.

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The Number 666 – Unlucky Vehicle Numbers

Yeah, this one probably doesn’t need an explanation either. People who love horoscopes and gambling games are also going to follow the rule of avoiding 666 at all costs. Generally, 6 is the number of the beast in many religious folklore. Furthermore, it resembles the horns of the devil. And trust me, there are not many car designers who would willingly put this on their cars.

We have many laid-back people and some brands that embrace the design of hell. At the same time? No one wants to sell controversial things to their customers. Furthermore, representing the devil is just a kind of cringe. Therefore, you should probably avoid this one. And if your car has 666 on its plate? Well, it is time for a change!

The faxi of misfortune

How About the 777? Surely A Sign Of Luck, Right?

So, 7 is the luckiest number. Surely, it isn’t among the unlucky vehicle numbers. And yeah, you are right! However, there is one more thing to consider; Human ego. When we are driving around with a car that signs 777 as the best luck. We are often getting cocky, believing that we are truly bound to luck.

Such an impulsive belief can lead to many catastrophic events. Therefore, representing luck all the time can easily be reversed. Therefore, picking 777 is not ideal. Unless it is some sort of promotion or symbol on your car. However, using it as a number plate, or racing car number? Well, it can get old quickly. Just pick anything else at that point!

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Avoid Number 9 At All Costs!

Just take a look at our unlucky numbers in the gambling article. This is a sign that you shouldn’t even consider picking number 9. It is among the unlucky vehicle numbers as well. But why is 9 so unlucky? Many people believe that 999 is the sign of Jesus, reversing the Devil. But when we are dragging the number out of religious context, what do we get? Number 9 is generally one unit away from the first essential whole number.

Meaning that it is never a sign of fulfillment. Furthermore, 9 can also be viewed from a different view, representing the same curvatures as 6. Humans are working cyclically. No matter how deeply we calculate life, in the end, we realize that we are living in a cycle of 7. For example, 7 days a week. Counting up, nine is equivalent to “2”. 

how to read unlucky numbers

Why Are There Unlucky Vehicle Numbers? 

According to Medium, the reason why these exist is because cars are a means of transportation. And obviously, many esoteric or superstitious views believe that energy travels. Modern thinkers have elevated this into the idea of believing that we as humans, are nothing else but energy capsules in our bodies.

Just take a look at the way electricity travels in a computer and the way we organize ourselves with our car paths. There is something to our travels. Thus, people want to ensure safe travel. And when we are talking about race? Those are even riskier

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Gamble At Home To Remove Risk

So, as you see there are many unlucky vehicle numbers at play. We do not want to make you stop driving. These superstitions are nothing but a food of thought for those who are open to pattern recognition and esoteric practices. Numerology, while many of these superstitions are just a part of modern mysticism.

Thus, nothing wrong is going to happen if you are playing gambling games on Friday the 13th. Nor are you going to have a problem driving around with a car using “666”. However, if you still want to keep your gambling experience esoterically free of bad luck. Then stay at home and register at VAVE Sportsbook when you bet or play slots.

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