US Powerball Jackpot Swells to a Massive $245 Million

Lottery Still Going Strong in US with $245 Million Powerball Jackpot

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Lottery players in the US will be swarming to get hold of tickets for the Powerball draw, after the jackpot soared to $245 Million. The draw will be held next Wednesday, and as the jackpot failed to find a winner this time around, the prize has swelled into multi-millionaire territory once again.

With American gambling laws outlawing many forms of online gambling, punters still turn to the many lotteries, of which Powerball is amongst the favorites. As you can buy tickets online as well as in stores, players flock to their computers in a bid to increase their chances to getting a hold of a life changing sum.

Of course, any win, while hitting the gambling news, wouldn’t be close to the largest ever. That title was taken in 2012, when the Mega Millions Jackpot paid out the largest cash payout in world history: a staggering $474 Million. This is probably one of the key reasons Americans continue to play the many lottery games on offer: that lust to be a multi-millionaire.

Of course, with the expected launch of online casinos in America, a lot of gamblers could turn their backs on the lottery and indulge themselves with casino games online. With Delaware already launching their – albeit free play – Facebook casino and New Jersey setting a date – November 23rd – for the launch of their own, real money, online casino, gamblers will have a choice so far unprecedented in the states.

If the lottery continues to maintain such large jackpots, though, they will continue to receive a lot of attention. Who knows: perhaps the incredible amounts on offer will keep their core market intact in this changing landscape.

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