Where To Bet On eSports This Week?

League of Legends eSports Betting

Check out our collection of the best eSports betting sites if you’re in a dilemma about where to bet on eSports!

If you want to bet on eSports but you’re still unsure which sites to join to be able to do so, or even which games to bet on, then this article was written just for you! Check out which video games you can bet on the upcoming few days and which sites you should join to find the best eSports betting odds! Have fun and win money betting on eSports!

Bet on League of Legends

Online sportsbooks offer awesome betting lines for League of Legends. When it comes to deciding where to bet on eSports, League of Legends offers the biggest dilemmas because there are so many sites offering this opportunity. And it’s not any different this week either!

Paddy Power is one of the best League of Legends betting sites, so if you are looking for your new online sportsbook, you should check them out for sure. Starting from tomorrow, there will be several League of Legends matches every day as the LPL Spring Split is about to begin. The biggest favourite to win the tournament is Royal Never Giveup. Their odds to win the trophy are 1.10 (1/10) at Bet365.

Best Call of Duty betting sites

Unfortunately there are not as many options to bet on Call of Duty this week as many we have for League of Legends. There will be only 3 games in the upcoming days. Two of them will be played on 4th of March where Team Exile5 will face Sin Gaming and Dire Wolves players will try their best to beat Abyss Esports.

Dire Wolves and Sin Gaming are clear favourites in their matches with both teams having odds as low as 1.06 (1/16) at Betfair. Sunday’s game will be a bit more balanced: the odds for Chiefs Esport Club to win are 1.45 (9/20), while those for Legacy Esports are 2.55 (31/20) at Betway.

How to bet on World of Tanks?

Online eSports betting fanatics will be highly entertained on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (2nd, 3rd and 4th of March) as well, because there will be some pretty cool matches between the best teams, and luckily you will also be invited to bet on World of Tanks at the best online sportsbooks in the US.

Thursday evening’s encounters are DING v Utopia and Go Hard v Kazna Kru. Utopia are pretty clear underdogs for the former game, but the latter one seems like a pretty equilibrated match, totally unpredictable. If you want to win money on World of Tanks betting but you’re still not sure where to bet on eSports, let us help you out a bit: your best choice is definitely Ladbrokes, they offer the best eSports betting lines for this game!

Learn more about eSports betting in Warsaw!

All those information above about where to bet on eSports was not enough for you? Then feel free to check yourself in for an awesome conference in Warsaw, 23 March. The Polish eSports conference will tell you all about the expected innovations within the eSports betting industry as well as tons of other areas regarding eSports.

If you truly seek to learn as much as possible about eSports betting, you should definitely buy entry ticket to the conference. In fact, they might even give you some inspiration to launch your new company as the conference will be full of business ideas…If you’re interested in what’s happening in the Polish gambling industry, follow our online gambling news in Poland!

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